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AV Antispyware

AV Antispyware is an application that uses various deceiving tactics to get computer users to purchase a full version of the AV Antispyware program. AV Antispyware is a clone of MS Antispyware 2009, which is also another rogue anti-spyware application. AV Antispyware or AVAntispyware, is usually installed and advertised through a Trojan horse infection. Read more »

Antivirus '09

Antivirus '09 or Antivirus09, is a bogus anti-spyware application that loads fake infection warnings. Antivirus '09 may be pushed by Trojans (such as Zlob) through fake security warnings or popup messages. You may think that the trial version of Antivirus '09 will assist you with detection and removal of spyware but it will not. Antivirus '09 in the full purchased version does no more than the trial version. After Antivirus '09 is installed, it will continually attempt to lure you into purchasing the Antivirus '09 licensed program. Antivirus '09 is an absolute waste of money if you ever purchase it. Read more »


Conficker, aka Downadup and Kido, is one of those nasty worms that sneaks into your PC by taking advantage of holes in Windows MS08-067. Conficker gets into your PC and then stops you from being able to visit anti-virus and anti-spyware websites. This of course makes it difficult for you to remove the infection. Conficker also has the uncanny ability to copy itself when you reboot your machine. One of the worse things that this horrible worm does is to spread itself to other PC over your network. Microsoft attacked this problem by releasing a patch to fix the Windows flaw. Read more »

Personal Defender 2009

Personal Defender 2009 is a malware pretending to be a security tool. Personal Defender 2009 gets into your system via a Trojan. The Trojan tricks you into downloading it by imitating a Windows Firewall. By downloading the phony Windows Firewall, you actually download the Trojan that will install the rogue Personal Defender 2009 program. Read more »

AntivirusLab 2009

AntivirusLab 2009 (AntivirusLab2009 or Antivirus Lab 2009) is a fake anti-spyware software related to AntiVirus 2008 (Antivirus XP 2008, Windows Antivirus 2008, Vista Antivirus 2008, System Antivirus 2008, WinSpywareProtect and MS Antivirus 2008). AntivirusLab 2009 sneaks into your computer system with the help of Trojan Zlob (you may have downloaded a fake video codec with Trojan Zlob bundled), via a weak security hole. Like other common rogue, AntivirusLab 2009 will try to scare you with fake Windows Security Center messages that read: Read more »

Malware Protector 2008

We had heard about bugs infecting computer systems... But, bugs eating away your desktop image?! Never. Malware Protector 2008 (MalwareProtector 2008) creators have perplexed computer users with their latest scare tactic: a Malware screensaver. Read more »


PCPrivacyCleaner (PC Privacy Cleaner or PC PrivacyCleaner) is a fake spyware remover. Rogue sneaks into your computer system with the help of Trojans (like Zlob or Vundo) disguised as video codecs (found on adult websites) without your knowledge or consent. This scam will try to scare you with fake messages, as well as, bogus scans and scan results stating that you have been infected with malicious programs and viruses. Read more »


wuauclt.exe is a system process that originally is designed to search for operating system updates at Windows website. wuauclt.exe stays resident in the background and may be seen on Task Manager process list. The original wuauclt.exe is stored on C:\Windows\System32, but if you notice it placed in a different location, you should strongly consider taking action, since wuauclt.exe may be a disguised Trojan, worm or a virus. If this is the case, we strongly recommend you to scan your computer for possible malware infections. Read more »

Trojan - Win32/Qoologic

Trojan - Win32/Qoologic is a Trojan name displayed in the misleading warning alert that is generated by a Trojan. Usually, the Trojan is downloaded and installed onto your machine together with a fake video codec, often found in porno websites, or under other dubious circumstances. Once executed, it will display the following message: Read more »

AntiVirus Pro

AntiVirusPro is a nasty fake anti-spyware application. There was an older version back in 2007, but it just came back in 2011 with updated interface and much nastier consequences. This rogue antispyware application was designed specifically to fleece honest, hardworking consumers out of their hard earned money, while offering them nothing of value in return. AntiVirus Pro enters the system surreptitiously, and will not reveal its presence until it is ready to start its attack against the PC. Read more »