Windows Background Protector

What is Windows Background Protector?

When you want to safeguard your computer, Windows Background Protector should definitely NOT be in your list of choices. Even though it looks like a security program it is not. This software application is a rogue antispyware product, and if you allow it to remain in your system, you will experience severe setbacks, such as the complete computer system crash and a genuine theft. Windows Background Protector is nothing but a nasty parasite designed to exploit innocent computer users.
This rogue is distributed around the internet using browser hijackers or fake online malware scanners. Browser hijackers forcefully redirect you to the webpage which hosts the download file for Windows Background Protector. Sometimes you might also find yourself in a website which promotes the rogue, when you click on one of the search engine results. You might be looking for a genuine security program, but you can never know which of these links to the sites might be hijacked.

When you get infected by Windows Background Protector you will notice the decreasing performance of your computer. Aside from the onslaught of fake security messages, Windows Background Protector is also capable of hijacking Windows processes. It will also try to rip you off, by coaxing you into buying the full version of the program. But don’t you ever do that! If you know what is best for you and your computer remove Windows Background Protector right now!

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