Windows Simple Protector

What is Windows Simple Protector?

Even though computer health experts are trying very hard to prevent new infections which inevitably harm users all over the world, parasites like Windows Simple Protector still manage to make its way around intricate security systems. Windows Simple Protector is a rogue antispyware application which means that it masquerades as a real security program, copying the interface of a well-known security product. You need to terminate Windows Simple Protector before it is too late, because allowing it to stay in your computer will have terrible consequences.
This rogue can easily slither into your system using the help of spam email messages. That’s why you mustn’t click on the email you receive from unknown senders, if they have a suspicious or advertising topic, especially if there is any kind of attachment stuck to them. The infection usually hides in that attachment, and when you download and it and unzip it, consider your computer infected by Windows Simple Protector.

The rogue will spam you relentlessly with fraudulent security messages, in hopes of scaring you, because when you are in a shaky state of mind you are more inclined to do what Windows Simple Protector tells you to. But by no means give away your credit card information to this application, because then your bank account will be hacked and your computer will still be under serious infection. Get yourself a good malware removal tool and delete Windows Simple Protector as soon as you can.

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