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Win HDD is yet another fake disk repair program which is being transferred to many PC's connected to the World Wide Web. Win HDD uses the unfair but successful business model which includes annoying messages, blocking of other programs, changed desktop and even Trojans. These trojans is the main core of the infection which helps Win HDD spread. Read more »

Antivirus V8

Antivirus V8 is an elaborate online scam fooling consumers to part with their money for worthless software. Antivirus V8, a rogue antispyware application has been extorting money out of PC owners by taking control of their PCs and holding it ransom. It might sound dramatic but it is crucial that you remove Antivirus V8 should you suspect your PC of being compromised. Read more »

Internet Security Suite

Internet Security Suite is a rogue antispyware application and a cyber scam! Do not believe anything Internet Security Suite tells you as it were developed by incredulous cyber criminals bent on destructing PC owners’ systems in an effort to extort money. It is for this reason disturbing that many people still continue to fall victim to the Internet Security Suite scam. This rogue application should not be trusted, and consumers are urged to delete Internet Security Suite at the first opportunity. Read more »

Vista Security 2011

Vista Security 2011, a new rogue antispyware application simply does more harm than good. This harmful rogue is only out to fleece consumers out of their hard earned money, offering no diagnostic or healing properties and is unable to protect systems against any Internet infections or threats. Vista Security 2011 will try and convince consumers otherwise, wanting them to believe that it has the power to remove harmful threats and protect their PCs. Vista Security 2011 is manufactured and distributed by illicit cyber criminals out only to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting consumers. It will try every trick in order to convince consumers of its legitimacy in an effort to conclude a successful sale. In an effort to convince users of the urgency of the “danger” of many fake infections, Vista Security 2011 will bombard the user with bogus security notifications informing him of fake infections running rampant on the system. Read more »

Security Inspector 2010

Security Inspector 2010 is the latest scam you need to watch out for. By duping unsuspecting users into purchasing its full version, Security Inspector 2010 ensures its goals are met! Utilizing affiliate websites, which have been specifically designed to coerce and trick users into thinking their only solution to their security issues, will be to purchase the full version of Security Inspector 2010. This is NOT true – and is a mere persuasion tactic employed by these type malicious scammers. Read more »

Scan 119

Scan 119, also known as Scan119 is a rogue antivirus application trying to convince consumers of its legitimacy. Do not fall susceptible to this scamware. If you suspect your PC of having fallen foul of this harmful application, using properly functioning security tools is the only way you’ll be able to effectively delete Scan 119 off the system. Symptoms of an Scan 119 infection include sporadic system malfunction, random creation of Desktop icons, browser and search redirection and even blocked Internet connections and executables. Scan 119 will try everything in its power to panic the user into thinking his system is really compromised by seriously harmful threats. Read more »

Antivirus Solution 2010

Antivirus Solution 2010 is a new hot rogue spreading across the web like wildfire. As of yet Antivirus Solution 2010 is still slightly unknown, but more and more victims of Antivirus Solution 2010 are complaining about the nasty symptoms its infection spreads and want to remove it. Read more »

Smart Engine

All computer users need to be aware of a dangerous rogue which is lurking around the internet and waiting to infect your computer system. Smart Engine is a rogue and is not going to help your computer system in any way like it claims it will. Do not be fooled by any of the fake warning messages or fake computer scan results because the truth of the matter is that Smart Engine is dangerous and must never be trusted .In fact the best thing which you can do is to detect and remove Smart Engine off your computer system immediately. Read more »

Nava Shield

When it comes to computer parasites it is essential that you don't take any chances. There are many parasites out there which play on people’s innocence and this is exactly what the rogue Nava Shield is doing. Nava Shield will try every single trick and tactic which it can to convince innocent computer users that their machines are infected. The reality of the situation is that Nava Shield will just use every single trick that it can and they are just simply tricks. Nothing about Nava Shield is real and everything is just one big scam which has been created to steal your money. Read more »

Defence Center

Defence Center is part of a malicious scam. Defence Center or DefenceCenter is actually part of a malicious scam which has been created by hackers in order to steal your money. The big question that you may be wondering is: What exactly is Defence Center? Well truth being told, Defence Center is actually a rogue antispyware application which is very dangerous. You need to be able to detect as well as automatically remove the malicious Defence Center off your computer system immediately, without delay. Read more »