International Police Association (I.P.A.)

What is International Police Association (I.P.A.)?

Do not worry if, on your screen, you find a message from the International Police Association (I.P.A) saying that your computer has been blocked until you pay a “ransom”. This occurs because of infection of Trojan:Win32/LockScreen.Cl. The infection bears the name of the I.P.A to scare you into believing that this association has tracked you down and, therefore, frozen your PC.

Interestingly, the International Police Association (I.P.A) virus does not have an English version although it has been detected in different countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Finland, Portugal and Sweden. This virus is very similar to FBI moneypak, PRS for Music, GEMA and other ransomware viruses, which disables access to the Internet and does not let the user launch different applications.test

In the case of the International Police Association virus, the users gets a bogus notification or warning saying that the computer is locked because documents or files related to child pornography are located on the computer. Moreover, illegally distributed and copyrighted data stored on the PC is also said to be the cause of the issue.

The simulated warning states that the user should pay a fine of €100 to unlock the machine. To pay the fine, the user has to acquire a code which has to be entered in an appropriate field after its purchase. Interestingly, it is possible to choose a code worth either €50, or €100. In the first case, two codes should be bought. Note that this is a fraud, and you should ignore the messages having the logo of International Police Association and delete the infection which displayed such a fraudulent message.

You will eliminate the virus form the system if you use an acknowledged spyware removal application, because a specialized program will thoroughly analyze the system and remove all elements of the ransomware. Note that you have to use a legitimate application to remove Trojan:Win32/LockScreen.Cl, because a bogus antispyware program will do more damage to your PC.

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