Trojan Generic

What is Trojan Generic?

Trojan Generic is a piece of malware which is widely detected on many computers by different antivirus programs. Importantly, as nobody has given the infection a more specific name, “Trojan Generic” is also used by rogue antivirus products to deceive computer users into thinking that they are infected with a harmful Trojan. However, if your legitimate antivirus program shows that you are infected with Trojan Generic, be ready to remove it from the PC.

Your machine may start operating in a suspicious manner because of the presence of the Trojan. For example, the performance of your OS may decrease noticeably if the infection introduces some changes in the registry, which enables the infection to disable access to selected applications.  Moreover, the threat may hijack the browser’s results and redirect to infectious websites designed to infect computers with different malware.

Trojan Generic is known to create random files, which makes its removal complicated. Additionally, there are many processed associated with the Trojan, and they are known as kuxuy.exe, kqfrybpdlta.exe, mhtiedmsika.exe. Of course, there are plenty more components of the infection, and it is essential that they be removed from the system with an automatic spyware removal tool, because the manual removal of Trojan Generic may not be sufficient, because the Trojan may contain a component that downloads malware, and if one is not removed, there is a high risk of being infected by a more dangerous threat.

If you notice any of the symptoms discussed earlier, take immediate measures to scan the system and find what infection is on your PC. We recommend that you use a spyware removal tool, because a specialized program will deal with the problem without your participation. The only thing that you should take care of is that the program is legitimate and powerful enough to kill Trojan Generic.

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