Windows Ultimate Safeguard

What is Windows Ultimate Safeguard?

In case of rogue antispyware infection such as Windows Ultimate Safeguard, there is no time to hesitate and you have to terminate the program immediately. There is no need to tell you what will happen if you do not delete Windows Ultimate Safeguard in time. You see, Windows Ultimate Safeguard is a rogue that is a direct descendent of Windows Antivirus Machine, and these computer infections have been designed to steal money from unsuspecting computer users. You will definitely become one of them if you ignore Windows Ultimate Safeguard altogether.

One might wonder how it is possible for something like Windows Ultimate Safeguard to gain trust of thousands of users worldwide and the reason behind it is that the rogue sports the appearance of a legitimate antimalware program and even its menu panel is very similar to the one of a legitimate application. This is where a lot of users fall, but you should not be one of them.

Were you to believe that Windows Ultimate Safeguard can solve your security-related problems, you will soon be forced to pay for a worthless program. You would not get a product you expect to receive and at the same time you would reveal your credit card number and other sensitive information to criminals who would easily make use of them while performing illegal operations.

The bottom line is that Windows Ultimate Safeguard is responsible for all of that. Therefore, you have to remove Windows Ultimate Safeguard before matters get worse. Acquire a powerful security tool that will terminate Windows Ultimate Safeguard at once and you will no longer have to worry about your system’s safety.


Windows Ultimate Safeguard is the latest “member” of the Rogue.VirusDoctor family, which you may know as a group consisting of such bogus security applications as Windows Active Guard, Windows Security Renewal, Windows Home Patron and others. The number of the fraudulent applications is so great that it is important to check the legitimacy of every single antivirus application before bringing it into use.

As Windows Ultimate Safeguard only pretends that it can examine the system and detect supposedly critical threats such as Trojan.Win32. Agent, Trojan.Win32,Qhost and others, ignore its scans and misleading pop-ups, some of which are presented below to facilitate the identification of the infection:

Software without a digital signature detected. Your system files are at risk. We strongly advise you to activate your protection.

Attempt to run a potentially dangerous script detected. Full system scan is highly recommended.

Potential malware detected.
It is recommended to activate protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.

Furthermore, this malicious program can manipulate your PC’s system, which means that you may notice that some parts of your computer’s system are paralyzed. It refers to, for example, Registry Editor and Task Manager, not to mention other executable files. In addition, the rogue limits access to the Internet so that you cannot download a specialized application to remove it from the system. After finding the misleading pop-up warnings and malfunctions of the system, you may start thinking that you need to activate the rogue; however, the activation of the infection only disables scans and restores previous settings of the system, but the infection still remains on your PC. As it is highly advisable to remove the malware, find the instructions given and decide which way of removal suits you best.

Automatic Windows Ultimate Safeguard Removal

A powerful and reliable application will remove the infection immediately and without difficulties, because all the elements of the infection will be successfully detected and removed. All that you need is to install the application and launch a scan.

1) To download, for example, SpyHunter, active the rogue so that you can access the Internet. The activation key is 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020. Now, download and install SpyHunter, start a scan and wait until the rogue and other infections are removed.

2) Download the same application onto any other computer if you do not want to activate the infection and restore the Internet settings by registering the malware. Use a removal drive to transfer the installation files on the infected PC.

Windows Ultimate Safeguard Video Removal Guide

Manual Windows Ultimate Safeguard Removal

If you are an advanced computer user and want to remove the malware on your own, bear in mind that this infection has many different components that have to be fully deleted. A skipped file may cause a download of another infection, and you will again have to remove it from your PC. Nonetheless, below you will find files, processes and registry entries which you have to remove:

1) Terminate these processes:
2) Open Registry Editor, and delete the following registry entries:
3) Remove these files:

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