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Cool Web Search Toolbar

Cool web search toolbar, also known as CWS toolbar and CoolWebSearch toolbar, is a cunning browser hijacker which you will find very annoying, and it is very likely that soon after its installation you will decide that you need to remove it from the system. The hijacker infects Internet Explorer and causes a lot of trouble to computer users, because as many malicious unwanted hijackers, this fraudulent extension changes the homepage of a browser and replaces search result websites with ones irrelevant to your search keywords. Read more »

How to Improve PC Speed

Increase your PC’s Performance in 8 Easy Steps

The following tips for making a PC run faster should be received as ongoing maintenance of high speed of your machine.

Tip #1. Change the Settings of Startup Programs

If you do not allow unimportant startup programs to run when you log onto your computer, the machine will start running faster. Read more »

Europol Ransomware Virus

Europol Ransomware Virus

Obviously, hackers are still writing new fake warnings for the Reveton Trojan that takes control of a computer, because Europol  Virus (european law enforcement agency virus), a new computer threat, has come to researchers’ notice. This infection is a piece of ransomware that locks the system down in order to manipulate you. Moreover, it pops up a fake notification saying that the computer is paralyzed due to your illegal activities to achieve the criminals’ ultimate goal, which is to convince you to give your money up. Read more »

Simppull Toolbar

There are a lot of dangerous computer infections that look like useful programs and plug-ins. Simppull Toolbar is a browser hijacker that comes in a form of browser add-on. At first, it might seem as though it helps you to browse the Internet and find the things you want easier, but if you try removing Simppull Toolbar from your computer, you will see that this toolbar resists the removal, as it does not have an uninstall utility. Read more »

Slow Internet Explorer ?

Learn how to Accelerate Internet Explorer

If you notice that your Internet connection is slower than usual, it is a sign that your PC’s performance has decreased. The tips on using Internet Explorer presented below will help you to deal with the problem. Read more »

How to Remove Disk Errors

Your computer can stop performing efficiently if an error on the hard disk occurs and the computer suddenly shuts down. To check for errors and boost the performance of your computer you can always use a registry repair tool. On the other hand, you can run the Window Error-checking utility to find errors and solve the problem. Read the following instructions on how to find and use the tool: Read more »

L’accès à votre ordinateur a été fermé Virus

L’accès à votre ordinateur a été fermé Virus

Even though L’accès à votre ordinateur a été fermé Virus interface is presented with the authentic GEMA logo attached, you should have no doubts that the program is fake and that you need to delete it from your computer at a dash. The French version of the infamous Ukash virus is not one of the kind and Auf ihrem computer ist infiziert Virus, Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime Virus, Luxembourg Police Virus and tens of other infections are equally as dangerous. Read more »

Police on Web Virus

Cyber criminals who create ransomware infection discovered one more law enforcement institution known as Police on Web and used its named to deceive computer users. If you have no idea how this works, keep on reading to learn about ransomware infections. The name and the logo of Police on Web are incorporated in the message of the virus that paralyzes and locks the desktop. Spyware researches call the case Police on Web Virus, because the message claims that the computer user has violated some laws, and Police on Web is investigating the issue. Read more »

Speed Up Computer Using Task Manager

How Task Manager Can Make Your PC Run Faster

The Windows Task Manager can be a remedy for your computer, because it can rebuild your PC’s performance and increase its speed. If you learn more about this tool, you can effectively apply it to solve your computer’s problems, especially if your operation system is Windows Vista or Windows 7. Task Manager will assist in monitoring and boosting performance of the system. Read more »

How to Speed Up PC

Optimize Windows to Improve Performance of Your Computer

If you make some changes to your computer system’s settings, the performance of the machine can peak at the highest level. Before making any changes regarding your Windows, study the following modifications presented to learn more about the system. As the optimization of your computer’s performance can be time-consuming, you can use a registry repair tool to clean Windows Registry, organize hard drive and optimize processes of the system. Read more »