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Windows System Integrity

Despite the many efforts of the online security industry to educate their consumers against the perils of allowing rogue security applications onto their PCs, many users continue to fall for the seditious lies of applications such as Windows System Integrity. This rogue in particular is extremely volatile and nasty, and will not relent until you either get rid of Windows System Integrity or pay for its worthless software. Read more »

Windows Easy Transfer

Although the now infamous Windows Easy Transfer may come across as a genuine and user friendly application, users are warned against ever trusting anything this rogue antispyware application has to say. Windows Easy Transfer was never designed to be of any value to the PC, and will not protect the system against any type of threat or infection. In fact, Windows Easy Transfer is really nothing more than a malicious infection in itself. Read more »

Windows Debugging Agent

Windows Debugging Agent is a fake security application which will turn your computer into a worthless piece of hardware if you do not do anything about it. This rogue belongs to a huge family of computer threats, so it comes with a considerable background which allows us to assume that Windows Debugging Agent is a very dangerous program, and it must be dealt with as soon as possible. Read more »

Windows Inviolability System

In recent times developers of rogueware have invested more and more sophistication behind their applications, as in the case of Windows Inviolability System. This is simply because in order to compete with increasingly educated consumers they need to appear as legitimate as possible, and Windows Inviolability System almost gets away with it. Inexperienced users stand a good chance of being fooled by Windows Inviolability System rogue antispyware’s seemingly authentic looking graphical user interfaces. Read more »

Windows AV Component

There never seems to be a shortage where malicious rogue security tools are concerned, but the newly released Windows AV Component demands attention. This rogue antispyware application, designed only to act as a vehicle for criminal developers to fleece honest consumers out of their money, will cause much more harm to your PC than it will ever do good. This has been determined by irrefutable evidence that Windows AV Component is in fact a fake security tool, with no ability to detect, quarantine or remove any type of threat from the system. Read more »

Windows Clear Problems

Windows Clear Problems is a fake security program and it belongs to a big nest of rogue antispyware applications. They all have one thing in common – just like its forerunners Windows Clear Problems comes forth with a set of skills developed to rip unsuspecting consumers off. Don’t be fooled by its appealing interface. Even though this rogue looks a lot like a popular antivirus program, it cannot Read more »

Windows Stable Work

Windows Stable Work is a fake antivirus program, which can turn your days into nightmare if you do nothing about it. This rogue comes from a notorious family of fake security applications. It has been created to steal your money, making you think that you are paying for a useful product. However, if you reveal your credit card information to Windows Stable Work, you will give cyber criminals the key to your bank account. They will be able to perform illegal operations using your personal information, and your bank account will be swept clean before you know it. Read more »

Windows Stability Alarm

It can be easy to fall victim to the seditious lies spread by the seemingly innocuous Windows Stability Alarm. Appearing to be a legitimate security tool, users are warned against the true nature of this rogue antispyware application. Windows Stability Alarm will enter the system under suspicious circumstances, and will remain hidden until it is ready to start its attack against the PC. This is done in an effort to prevent the user from getting rid of Windows Stability Alarm prior to the rogue having rooted itself firmly in the PC, ready to begin its terror campaign. Read more »

Windows Accelerating Utility

With all the sophistication invested in rogue security tools nowadays, it has become that much harder for even expert users to distinguish between genuine and fake security tools like Windows Accelerating Utility. This harmful rogue antispyware application was certainly not designed to be of any benefit to a PC, and will end up causing more damage to the system than doing any good. It is simply imperative that when you discover this infection on your PC, that you immediately get rid of Windows Accelerating Utility. Read more »

Windows Verifying Center

Do not fall for the malicious lies of Windows Verifying Center. This rogue antispyware tool will try its hardest to come across as a genuine security tool offering protection to its victims’ PCs. This could not be farther from the truth, as Windows Verifying Center was designed exclusively to rip honest consumers off while not offering anything of value in return. It has been proven that Windows Verifying Center does not have the ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system, and is nothing more than a malicious threat Read more »