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Ad-ware Pro

Ad-ware Pro is yet another rogue antispyware application that has been created in order to steal your money and make you experience computer hell. You need to know that Ad-ware Pro or AdwarePro is not safe like the name suggests but is actually very dangerous and is something you need to seriously watch out for. Ad-ware Pro will present you with a fake system scan, fake system scan report results as well as fake computer security notifications. Read more »

System Security Antivirus

System Security Antivirus is a rogue antispyware application. Also referred to as SystemSecurityAntivirus, this application should be removed and not encouraged! As is quite common with these type rogue programs, System Security Antivirus enters into a computer system via Trojan infections, spam emails and through its affiliated websites. What System Security Antivirus does is it creates a vast amount of fake pop-up alert messages, combined with fake security system scans – all of which are utilized to ensure the user is coerced into thinking their system is infected terribly – and the only solution is to purchase the full version of System Security Antivirus. This is not fact! Do not fall for this tactic of persuasion, as System Security Antivirus will only cause damage to any system it has infiltrated. System Security Antivirus cant remove a single infections and is only created to show messages which will trick users. Should you suspect your system is infected with System Security Antivirus, remove it ASAP! Read more »

AV Security Suite

AV Security Suite is not to be trusted under any circumstances because it cant remove any threats. As soon as AV Security Suite has infiltrated a computer system, it will begin its reign of terror. AV Security Suite is highly capable of invading your confidential data, whilst at the same time negatively affecting the performance of said computer system. AV Security Suite has also been reported to randomly delete data on an infected computer – all of course without any permission or input from the computer user. Read more »

My Protection

My Protection is the latest scam you need to watch out for. By duping unsuspecting users into purchasing its full version, My Protection ensures its goals are met! Utilizing affiliate websites, which have been specifically designed to coerce and trick users into thinking their only solution to their security issues, will be to purchase the full version of My Protection. This is NOT true – and is a mere persuasion tactic employed by these type malicious scammers. Read more »

PC Antivirus 2010

PC Antivirus 2010 is also known as PCAntivirus2010 and is a malicious rogue which you need to watch out. You need to be aware of the factor that everything related to PC Antivirus 2010 is one big scam. It will not protect your computer like the name suggests, it is guaranteed to only harm your computer, invade your privacy and try and steal your money. PC Antivirus 2010 will gain access to your computer without your knowledge or consent. Read more »

Facebook Antivirus

Facebook Antivirus is very dangerous and spread by certain Trojans. You need to know that Facebook Antivirus or FacebookAntivirus is one big attempt to try and steal your money. The truth of the matter is that Facebook Antivirus was created by cybercriminals in order to trick innocent computer users and then stealing their money. You need to know that no matter how infections you are told you have on your computer system, that it is all entirely false and is just one big scam which is used in order to try and obtain your money. Read more »

User Protection

User Protection (or UserProtection) is the latest in rogue anti-spyware programs. User Protection makes use of a variety of methods to coerce and trick computer users into purchasing the "Full" version of User Protection. User Protection tends to be downloaded and installed manually, rather than via Trojan infection (which are true for most other malware applications). Once User Protection is installed on the computer it will allow for the user to scan the infected computer, Read more »

Total XP Security

Total XP Security is a new rogue antispyware program from the same family of malware as Windows Defender 2010.It will hijack your internet explorer browser and present you with a malicious warning message. The best thing that you can do is to remove Total XP Security upon detection. It is also important to have decent antivirus software running on your machine that is both up to date and authentic. Read more »

Antimalware Doctor

Do you find that a program called Antimalware Doctor reports computer problems and infections? If this program is on your PC, then you have probably browsed the Internet carelessly. Antimalware Doctor is a fake AV which you should remove from the system by using an automatic spyware removal tool. The rogue application cannot remain in the system any longer because it has been created to deceive you into buying its fake full version. Even though the full version is presented as a powerful tool that will delete infections and fix other system issues, it cannot perform any process that is being promoted because everything is simulated. Read more »

My PC Protector

My PC Protector, also referred to as MyPCProtector, is the product of the same hackers responsible for the release of many new rogue anti-spyware applications within the last few days. My PC Protector may infect a PC system, and does so rather rapidly and ruthlessly (with the aid of its affiliated Trojan infections). Once embedded within the system, these Trojan infections tend to modify the system registry. As soon as these manipulations are completed successfully, My PC Protector steps up to the plate and takes control of the challenged system. My PC Protector will display numerous pop-up alert messages, run a fake system scan, as well as redirects the victim's web-surfing to it's affiliated and fabricated online ‘scanner' sites. All this being mere tactics employed by the designers of this nefarious tool, to ensure the main objective of coercing money is achieved. My PC Protector is a high risk tool, and should definitely be removed from any system it has infiltrated, ASAP! Read more »