Cool Web Search Toolbar

What is Cool Web Search Toolbar?

Cool web search toolbar, also known as CWS toolbar and CoolWebSearch toolbar, is a cunning browser hijacker which you will find very annoying, and it is very likely that soon after its installation you will decide that you need to remove it from the system. The hijacker infects Internet Explorer and causes a lot of trouble to computer users, because as many malicious unwanted hijackers, this fraudulent extension changes the homepage of a browser and replaces search result websites with ones irrelevant to your search keywords.

Cool web search toolbar has to be removed as well as its versions, some of which are CoolWebSearch/DataNotary, CoolWebSearch/BootConf, and CoolWebSearch/SvcHost. All of them modify the settings of you browsers and redirect to particular pages. In the case of Cool Web Search toolbar, the page at which users are pointed is Moreover, the hijacker can redirect poor souls to gambling and adult websites, which could contain dangerous infections what are intended for any computer user who clicks on the link of the website. The threat can also pop-up multiple messages and add new adult websites to your Bookmark list.

To avoid any further damage caused by CoolWebSearch toolbar, install SpyHunter, which is highly recommended by our team. The program will detect and remove CoolWebSearch toolbar, which will lead to much better computer performance. All of the components that are attributed to the malicious extension will be eliminated; therefore, the computer will be protected against future malware downloads.

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