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Remove Searchqu

Searchqu is a potentially unwanted software application (toolbar) that is classified as adware. It is not a virus and it does not corrupt your files. It functions as a browser extension and modifies your default Internet browser settings. Searchqu is a potentially unwanted software application because it is related to pop-up advertisements that might lead to infected websites. Read more »

Remove Luxemil

Luxemil is a browser hijacker that infects users when they land on malicious websites. Also, it is common for Luxemil to come bundled with various types of shareware or freeware that user downloads from suspicious sources. The reason why this browser hijacker enters your computer is money. Luxemil generates a mass of pop-up advertisements and once a user clicks on them, he is redirected to websites affiliated with Luxemil, Read more »

CouponDropDown Virus

CouponDropDown Virus

If you are greeted with a notification “Never miss another coupon sale!” whenever you are browsing the Internet, there is no doubt that your PC has been infected with CouponDropDown Virus. The infection can be dangerous to computer owners using most popular Internet browsers including Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it can travel into operating systems via bundled downloads or misleading online advertisement. Read more »

Tá do ríomhaire cosc curtha ar shárú ar dhlíthe na tíre Éirinn

Tá do ríomhaire cosc curtha ar shárú ar dhlíthe na tíre Éirinn

Dangerous ransomware infections terrorize users all over the world. Tá do ríomhaire cosc curtha ar shárú ar dhlíthe na tíre Éirinn attacks innocent users in Ireland. The ransomware infection does not allow the user to access his desktop. Instead of his desktop the user sees a big notification that claims he has violated the Criminal Code of the Republic of Ireland. At first glance the message seems legal, because Tá do ríomhaire cosc curtha ar shárú ar dhlíthe na tíre Éirinn uses a few well-known company logos that make it look more reliable. Read more »

Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado

Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado! is a headline found in a message displayed by a ransomware infection, which should not be respected or trusted, because the only aim of the threat is to make you give your money up. Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado! paralyzes the system so that no actions can be performed on the PC. Read more »

Latvijas Policijas Virus

Latvijas Policijas Virus

Latvijas Policijas Virus is a computer infection which makes the computer inoperable and presents a bogus notification aimed at making the user believe that his or her computer is locked by the Latvian police. The impression that one is dealing with the police is created by an emblem of the police (Latvijas Policijas) and a faded flag of the country. Moreover, it is stated in the message that the user might have used copyrighted content, Read more »

Polizei österreich Virus

Polizei österreich Virus is a computer infection which makes the system inoperable after making unauthorized changes of your system’s settings. The purpose of paralyzing the system is to deceive computer users in Austria into paying a ransom charge of 100 euros through Paysafecard. As the infection presents a message which is supposedly sent by the Austrian police, you may think that the message has nothing to do with cyber criminals. However, you should remove Polizei österreich Virus if you want to restore the functionality of your PC. Read more »

How to Stop or Kill a Process

Windows Task Manager is a multifunctional utility allowing you to end any selected process. It may occur to you that a process or an application consumes too many memory resources or causes high percentage of CPU usage, which may imply that the process or the application has to be disabled. Below, you will find how to use your Windows Task Manager to end a selected process: Read more »

How to Unlock Task Manager

The research of deceptive computer tools has revealed that very often pseudo-antivirus applications disable Windows Task Manager so that a user cannot complete the removal of the rogue software. When Task Manager is disabled on an infected computer, an error is displayed instead of the Task Manager’s interface. Read more »

How to Disable the Paging File

Windows uses the paging file to store data that was in the physical memory, but then it was removed, because the system wanted to use the virtual memory for other purposes. Even though it is impossible the change the way Windows decides which programs are supposed to stay in the virtual memory and which will be kicked out. However, you can disable the paging file, so that the system would not use it anymore. Read more »