Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir

What is Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir?

Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir is a dangerous ransomware infection which you should remove right now if you have found that it locked your screen. The message that is displayed on the screen does not provide you with actual information, so you should not think that the Turkish police are responsible for the case. Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir is one of ransomware infections which corrupt computer settings, inject codes into the most popular system processes and disable access to the desktop. Moreover, this threat which is distributed by a Trojan horse called Reveton can download malware without your consent.test

What does Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir virus do?

Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir virus paralyzes the computer on behalf of the Turkish police and claims that you are responsible for some crimes related to the use of copyrighted and pornographic material. In order to unlock the PC and avoid further prosecution you are asked to pay a fine of 200 Turkish liras through Ukash or Paysafecard. Here you will find two excerpts taken from the misleading message:

Blokeyi kendiniz açmaya çalişirsaniz, delıller dişinda tüm verı dosyalariniza format atilir.

Dikkat: cezanın 48 saat içinde ödenmesı gerektığini lütfen unutmayınız. Eğer belırtilen süre içinde ödeme yapamadıysanız, bilgisayarınızı kilitten çıkartmak mümkün olmayacaktır.

The same ideas are presented in other variants of the virus as it has been created in different languages. For instance, Calculatorul Dvs Este Blocat Virus, Din Dator är Blockerad Virus, and Tietokoneesi on Lukittu Virus are other ransomware viruses which are identical to Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir and the removal of these threats is a must!

How to remove Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir virus?

The easiest and safest way to remove Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir is by using SpyHunter. Why should you use this particular spyware removal tool? SpyHunter is a powerful program that can easily remove threats which are normally skipped by anti-virus programs. SpyHunter is used to delete Trojans, rogue anti-virus tools, ransomware threats and other malware. Do not wait any more and install SpyHunter if you do not want to have more dangerous infections downloaded. To do so, follow our step-by-step guidelines and feel free to leave your response or question below in the comment box:

Windows Vista & Windows 7:

  1. Reboot or power up the computer.
  2. Tap the F8 key repeatedly as soon as the BIOS screen disappears.
  3. In the boot options menu, select Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys and press Enter.
  4. Go to and download SpyHunter.
  5. Run the installer.
  6. Launch a scan to remove Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir.

Windows XP:

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. Get ready to start tapping the F8 key once the BIOS screen disappears. If the fake alert pops up, restart the PC to repeat step 2.
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
  4. When a dialog box appears, click on Yes.
  5. Open the Start menu.
  6. Launch Run and type “msconfig” in the Open box.
  7. Press OK to confirm.
  8. Open the Startup tab.
  9. Click on the Disable All button and then Apply.
  10. Close the window and download SpyHunter at the link given in the instructions above.
  11. Restart the computer.
  12. Install the file you have downloaded.
  13. Scan the system to detect and remove Bllgisayarinizin Bloke Edilmistir.
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