MyWebFace Toolbar

What is MyWebFace Toolbar?

MyWebFace Toolbar is a browser add-on for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The toolbar is available at its official website; however, it might occur that the toolbar will come along with free programs if you do not uncheck the appropriate boxed regarding the installation of MyWebFace Toolbar.

What does MyWebFace Toolbar do?

MyWebFace Toolbar enables its users to change their picture into cartoon ones, which can be used as avatars in their social networking accounts. However, the negative side of this application is that has been observed to modify the settings of the browser leading to the changes of the home page. It is known that MyWebFace Toolbar replaces the home pages with and records non-personal information for improving the quality of the online experience, which includes product monitoring, product improvement, and advertising.test

It is also stated that MyWebFace Toolbar does not monitor what other websites you visit. Moreover, they claim that they do not record your keystrokes or other data unrelated to the services provided. Unfortunately, third party services might be used to serve you with advertisements offering you services or products in which you may have no interest. If you receive unwanted pop-ups, remove MyWebFace Toolbar from the system. It is also possible that you will be redirected to, which is very likely to happen if you have not installed the add-on on your own.

How to remove MyWebFace Toolbar

In order to remove MyWebFace Toolbar, you should carry out two removal procedures. First, you should uninstall the unwanted application:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click on Control Panel.
  3. Select Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP)/Uninstall a program (Windows Vista/7).
  4. Select the program you want to delete and remove/uninstall it.

Second, to make sure that no malicious components, for instance, unnecessary cookies, are left within the system, scan the PC with a free scanner available below. Make sure that you PC is protected against malware attacks and keep on browsing the Internet as you normally do.

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