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PC MightyMax

There are different types of rogue applications. Some pretend they are real antivirus programs, and some, like PC MightyMax, pretend they are computer optimization tools. In other words, PC MightyMax claims that it can detect system errors and fix them for you, while in fact it only wants your money. Once PC MightyMax offers you to diagnose your system status and repair any problems it finds. Read more »

Widgi Toolbar

If your antivirus program is out of date – it will not classify Widgi Toolbar as malicious; however, this program could be dangerous to your personal safety; therefore, AntiSpyware101 team suggest you remove this treacherous application right away. So, why exactly do you need to delete Widgi Toolbar? Read more »


HackTool.Wpakill infection can tamper with Winlogon notifications, delete system’s components, disable processes, remove access to the Registry Editor, download malware, record keystrokes, steal login data or send spam using email and instant messaging accounts. All of this and more will be enabled by winlogon.exe and antiwpa.dll, two dangerous files which could be propagated into a computer through one of the many security backdoors. If your operating Windows system is not guarded by antimalware software, there is a high chance that your PC will be infected and you will need to worry about HackTool.Wpakill removal. Read more »

Win 7 Defender 2013

Win 7 Defender 2013

If you are thinking of protecting your system with legitimate security tools, we applaud you, but you should not even consider Win 7 Defender 2013 application as your Windows guardian, because it is completely fake, and has been designed to fool you! Just like all rogue antispywares, this one also does not have any potential to detect or remove any type of attacking malware. On the contrary, the virus can attract more dangerous infections and make you spend your money on a completely useless, full version product, which is why you should remove Win 7 Defender 2013 from your PC right now! Read more »


Adware:Win32/Adkubru is a malicious application that may affect Windows XP, 7 or Vista operating systems. The program may be propagated via highly surreptitious security cracks, including bundled or encrypted downloads, spam email attachments, social engineering and black hat SEO scams. It is also possible for the infection to be downloaded by already active infections, which means that after having Adware:Win32/Adkubru deleted you should also take care of other infections’ removal. Read more »

Vista Defender 2013

At the first glance it might seem as though Vista Defender 2013 tries to protect your computer from viruses and errors, but that is the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to this rogue. Vista Defender 2013 is practically the same as XP Defender 2013 and Win 7 Defender 2013. The only difference between these three rogues is their names, other than that, they present the user with the same fake notifications and the same claim: protect your computer with Vista Defender 2013 or else. Read more »

Microsoft Windows Ukash Virus

Microsoft Windows Ukash Virus

Microsoft Windows Ukash Virus is an infection from a huge ransomware family. Ukash Virus has many versions, each and every single one of them target users in different parts of the world. Based on the user's IP, Ukash Virus changes into a localized version, or changed the interface language. Microsoft Windows Ukash Virus is encoded to display false messages in various languages. It can show messages in English, German, French, Portuguese and so on. Read more »

Win 7 Antivirus 2013

Win 7 Antivirus 2013 is a rogue antispyware from the infamous Braviax or FakeRean family. Such previously reported infections as Win 7 Defender 2013, Vista Defender 2013 or Win 8 Defender 2013 are just a few malicious clones from the faction which are presented with the same visual attributes. All of these malignant programs mimic the authentic Windows Defender, a completely free program, which has been designed by Microsoft to detect and remove any existing security threats. Unfortunately, Read more »

Australian Federal Police Virus

Australian Federal Police Virus

Ransomware infections keep attacking innocent computer users and locking their systems with demands of fictitious fine payments. Australian Federal Police Virus is exactly that kind of infection, and if you are already facing its obnoxious ransom warning it means that you have not been precautious enough with your personal computer’s protection. Such malicious infections as this one usually get infiltrated into a PC by other dangerous applications, like the treacherous Reveton Trojan, which could use any security crack for successful entrance. Read more »


Worm.Dorkbot, or Worm:Win32/Dorkbot.A, is an application that legitimate malware removal programs have been developed to fight against. The cunning infection has been enabled to slither into operating Windows systems through a variety of security cracks, including spam email attachments, bundled downloads and instant messaging protocols. Read more »