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STOP Piracy Virus

STOP Piracy Virus is a ransomware infection that blocks you from entering your computer under the pretense that you supposedly have used piracy content on your computer. When you get infected, STOP Piracy Virus locks your computer in 3 seconds, and the only thing you see is a black notification message that asks you for money. You have to remove STOP Piracy Virus from your computer immediately if you want to access your files, but there is no need to pay the ransom fee, because the malicious application itself would never unlock your computer. Read more »


DoubleClick is a browser plug-in that provides Internet advertising services and officially is a subsidiary of Google. Its main focus is on uploading ads. However, DoubleClick makes use of tracking cookies to monitor users' browsing activity and check which adds they view exactly. A lot of users have been complaining that they cannot remove DoubleClick even when they try to opt-out option offered by the company. If that is your case as well, it means that DoubleClick has been exploited by a third party and it must be deleted by a computer security program. Read more »


Trojan.Downloader.Tracur.J is a Trojan infection that downloads malware onto the compromised computer and forcefully redirects search results to a malicious website. The website you are usually redirect to by this Trojans generally are infected with malware, and you might initiate the malware download automatically just by opening the page. Hence, you have to remove Trojan.Downloader.Tracur.J before it manages to infect you with even more dangerous computer threats. Read more »


If your anti-virus program cannon remove Trojan.DR.Agent.FMEN, you should react immediately and delete this vicious computer infection from the system right now. The removal of the threat is highly recommended because this Trojan can affect the performance of your PC drastically. If you want to learn what the threat is capable of, keep on reading the report. Read more »


Backdoor.Popwin.B is a relatively old backdoor Trojan that infected its first target computer back in 2006. Although it has been while, the backdoor has not disappeared anywhere, and it is still used to infect computers worldwide, so that hackers could gain illegal access of the compromised systems. It is necessary to remove Backdoor.Popwin.B from your computer immediately, otherwise your system will be crippled and you will lose important data to the criminals behind the infection. Read more »


Backdoor.Radmin.BD is a computer infection that allows hackers to take control of your computer. This threat bypasses normal authentication and secures illegal remote access to your computer. As such, Backdoor.Radmin.BD can be used as a tool to infect your computer with even more malware. Therefore, it is very important that you remove Backdoor.Radmin.BD as soon as the infection is detected on your computer. Read more »


Trojan.Dynamer!dtc is a highly complex Trojan infection which will perform many illegal actions behind you back. If your anti-spyware tool cannot remove this threat, you are lucky at least due to the fact that you now know what infection is present within the system. Very often, anti-virus programs cannot delete the Trojan and it keeps on damaging the system. Read more »

Privacy SafeGuard

Privacy SafeGuard is a malicious BHO that is presented under the pretense of a legitimate browser extension. The application is available for Google Chrome users, and if you have already utilized it, suggests you delete it before your browser becomes corrupted. Do not think that the tool can provide “Complete protection for your privacy and your computer’s health”, as this simply is a marketing trick. If you do not want Privacy SafeGuard removal to become your problem, you should not even think about installing it. Nonetheless, if it is too late, this report will help you deal with the irritating infection. Read more »


Trojan.Bumat!rts is a complex Trojan horse which can perform many illegal actions without your approval. A large number of vicious components enables the threat to alert the system’s changes so that the computer loses its functionally. Very often, Trojan.Bumat!rts disables security tools so that it cannot be detected and removed, but if the tool you have on the PC identifies the threat but cannot delete it, you should use SpyHunter because it can terminate the threat easily. Read more »


Trojan.OnLineGames is a surreptitious infection that may be installed on your computer via such security backdoors as bundled downloads and infected removable devices. It has been discovered that cyber crooks could implement any methods and strategies to infect your PC with malware, which is why you should always stay extremely careful with the way you browse, what sites you visit and what software you install onto the PC. Needless to say, Read more »