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Vista Security Plus 2013 Virus

Do you know anything about such rogue antispywares as Vista Security Plus 2013, which are set to fool and deceive you, until you are convinced to purchase this application’s licensed version malware removal software? These programs are fueled by such elements as fake computer scanner reports and bogus security warnings, which you should not pay any attention to, as they are developed by highly devious cyber crooks. Be sure that all they want from you is your money, Read more »

Win 7 Security Plus 2013

Do not make a mistake of choosing Win 7 Security Plus 2013 as your computer’s antivirus software, because it is a fraudulent application created to trick you out of your money. It looks like a legitimate computer security application and presents information which, at first sight, is convincing. The sooner you start believing that the system is infected with various viruses, the greater possibility that you will purchase its fake full version. The so-called full version of Win 7 Security Plus 2013 supposedly removes infections found on your computer; however, it only waits until you pay for it. Read more »

XP Security Plus 2013

In case you do not own antimalware software, which could protect your Windows, there is a great chance that your system will be infected with malware sooner or later. XP Security Plus 2013 is a rogue antispyware, which is likely to infect your system next, and if this dangerous virus gets inside, both your system’s functionality and personal data security will fall at risk. Read more »


If you open up your Task Manager and notice wlsidten.dll component running on your operating Windows system, there is a great chance that soon enough your computer will be corrupted by schemers and their malicious programs. This dynamic link library file is usually dropped onto the computer via security backdoors exposed by active Trojans. As you may already suspect, wlsidten.dll removal Read more »


Win32/Sirefef.DV is a computer threat known as a Trojan infection which sneaks into the system unnoticed. It hides its components so that the present anti-virus tool cannot detect and remove it and exploits its malicious components in order to carry out illegal actions. As the Trojan does not have an interface, you will not know that it is present within the system. However, you may notice some symptoms which indicate that the computer might be infected with some threats. For instance, the speed of the PC and the Internet may decrease and you may notice that not all of your computer programs are running normally. Read more »


If you do not delete Pum.disabled.securitycenter from your operating Windows system, soon enough you could become a victim of financial scams. Additionally, your computer could become corrupted, exposing security vulnerabilities for other malicious programs to enter your PC. Do you know what a PUM is? Do you know how dangerous it could be? PUM is a potentially unwanted modification which indicates that a program could make unauthorized changes within your computer. Read more »


Adoresearch is commonly referred to as a redirect virus because it can alter the settings of the most popular internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The changes are made as soon as the threat gets in the system. It can happen while browsing insecure websites or after downloading freeware or shareware. As the ultimate purpose of such threat is to get unnoticed, your consent is not required by his unwanted application. Read more »

United States Department of Justice Virus

United States Department of Justice Virus

United States Department of Justice Virus is one more ransomware infection released to trick you into believing cyber criminals’ lies. The application follows the footsteps of Federal Department of Justice and Police Virus and more recent FBI MoneyPack Virus and Video Recording Moneypak Virus. These infections are simply the tip of the iceberg since tens or even hundreds of malicious programs are on the same mission to trap you. Read more »

Complete an Offer to Continue Virus

Complete an Offer to Continue Virus

Complete an Offer is a screen locker infection that blocks you from accessing your desktop and requires you to fill out a few surveys. It is not a ransomware infection, because Complete an Offer does not ask for money. Its creators have another way to generate revenue. They promise to unlock your computer once you fill out a few surveys, because they receive money for each survey that you complete. This is the message that Complete an Offer “greets” you with: Read more »

Windows Server Defender

Windows Server Defender is a fake antivirus program that enters your computer with intention to rip you off. There are a few variants of this rogue including Win 7 Defender, XP Defender and Vista Defender. All of these infections are practically the same, and the rogue you get infected with depends on which operating system is installed on your computer. However, no matter which version of this rogue you are infected with, you have to remove Windows Server Defender or any other variant immediately. Read more »