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XP Antivirus Plus 2013

XP Antivirus Plus 2013 is a fake antivirus program that slows down your computer in hopes of stealing your money. It looks very much like a Microsoft product and therefore, XP Antivirus Plus 2013 manages to fool a lot of users into believing that they can protect their computers with this program. Unfortunately, XP Antivirus Plus 2013 cannot offer the support it promises. If you purchase the full version of the program by giving away your personal financial data to a third party, Read more »


Virtual world is filled with such deceitful and dangerous infections as Adware.iBryte. The malicious tool can be distributed to computers with low-level security systems and schemers usually use bundled downloads to succeed. Regardless, if your operating system is not reinforced by legitimate security tools, you should also be careful with spam email attachments, social engineering scams and similar drive-by download scams. All of these security backdoors could be used to employ even more dangerous infections. Right now, however, you need to worry about Adware.iBryte removal, Read more »


Trojan.FakeSysdef is a Trojan infection about whose presence you will learn as soon as it gets in the system. You will find some fake hard disk defragmentation program whose name depends on the version of the  trojan. It can be Smart HDD, File Recovery, Data Recovery or any other program aimed at luring you into the purchase of its non-funtional full version. If you do not want to waste your money on worthless products, remove Trojan.FakeSysdef so that you are not deceived. Read more »


Trojan.Magania is a clandestine Windows infection that you need to remove right away, if you discover it running on the computer. The infection is highly clandestine and you may not know about its existence for as long as schemers keep it quiet. Regardless, the infection can initiate various processes which will call out disturbing PC’s dysfunctions and symptoms. Read more »


You may not know that Downloadware is running on your computer, because it does not have an interface and its main task is to drop malignant adware programs onto your operating Windows system. Despite this, there are some symptoms and signs that may help you detect and delete the infection from the PC before any adware applications are infiltrated. research team has gathered information that can help you remove Downloadware quickly and reliably. Please continue reading. Read more »

Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013

You need to remove Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 once you notice that its computer scanner is inspecting your PC and detecting such infections as Exploit.CodeBaseExec or Backdoor.Perl.AE1.16. Despite resembling authentic Windows security tools, this program is a rogue anti-spyware that will never delete malignant infections or guard your PC against them. So, why is this fake program running on your computer? Cyber criminals have designed it to trick you into thinking that you need its full version or order to delete listed malicious programs. Read more »

Vista Antivirus Plus 2013

Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 is the latest fake AV which attempts to deceive as many computer users as possible. The rogue tool presents false positives after simulating scans of the system and the criminals in the background of the tool expect that you rush to acquire a fake licensed version of the program. As soon as the schemers get your money, their mission is completed, so if you do not want to help them earn money, remove Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 from the PC immediately. Read more »

YouPorn Cookie

YouPorn cookie is a malicious tracking cookie that records and stores information on web browsing. Not only can it recall your web browsing history on your browser, YouPork cookie is also able to record information stored on your computer. If cyber criminals make use of this cookie, they can easily acquire your personal data such as banking logins or passwords. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you remove YouPorn cookie on time. Otherwise you might experience an important data leak. Read more »

Specialist Crime Directorate Virus

Specialist Crime Directorate Virus

If you cannot access the desktop because of the Specialist Crime Directorate message, your computer is infected with Specialist Crime Directorate virus, which you should remove right now. Do not delay the removal because this threat will not allow you to access your programs and browse the Internet. It does not matter what logo is used on the interface of the virus, it has to be terminated in order to restore the default settings. Read more »

Computeren er Blevet Blokeret Virus

Computeren er Blevet Blokeret Virus

Computeren er Blevet Blokeret virus is the Danish version of the devious Ukash virus, which may enter your PC with the help of seemingly invisible rootkit Trojans. This could turn virus’ detection and removal into a nearly inoperable task; however, is here to help you. Please continue reading to discover the origins of the malicious ransomware, what danger it could bring and what the most reliable way to remove Computeren er Blevet Blokeret virus is. Read more »