What is Backdoor.Popwin.B?

Backdoor.Popwin.B is a relatively old backdoor Trojan that infected its first target computer back in 2006. Although it has been while, the backdoor has not disappeared anywhere, and it is still used to infect computers worldwide, so that hackers could gain illegal access of the compromised systems. It is necessary to remove Backdoor.Popwin.B from your computer immediately, otherwise your system will be crippled and you will lose important data to the criminals behind the infection.

What does Backdoor.Popwin.B do?

Backdoor.Popwin.B infects your system via spam email, bundled freeware downloads, social engineering and other ways of malware distribution. It shows that you have to be careful about what you click on. That is a genuine form of precaution, but do not hesitate to double-check when you're about to click an outgoing link, because once Backdoor.Popwin.B gets in, it can cause quite a havoc.

Since Backdoor.Popwin.B does not have an interface, it is harder to determine whether you are infected or not. However, the backdoor has such process files as iefindup.exe and mwssvc.exe, and if you see these processes on the Task Manager, then you can be sure you have Backdoor.Popwin.B in your system.

After the infection, your computer becomes susceptible to various illegal activity, especially as the backdoor allows cyber criminals to take control of your system. So Backdoor.Popwin.B can make your system a part of a huge DDoS attack, or meddle with your browsers in order to steal important logins and passwords. All the stolen data is uploaded later on to a remote server, and you do not even notice that, because Backdoor.Popwin.B remains working in the background of your system.

What do I do with Backdoor.Popwin.B?

Quite obviously, you must remove Backdoor.Popwin.B from your system ASAP. Since manual removal is rather troublesome, we recommend terminating the infection with a reliable antimalware tool, because a security program will also check for other possible infections and safeguard your computer against dangerous threats in the future.

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