What is Backdoor.Radmin.BD?

Backdoor.Radmin.BD is a computer infection that allows hackers to take control of your computer. This threat bypasses normal authentication and secures illegal remote access to your computer. As such, Backdoor.Radmin.BD can be used as a tool to infect your computer with even more malware. Therefore, it is very important that you remove Backdoor.Radmin.BD as soon as the infection is detected on your computer.

What does Backdoor.Radmin.BD do?

When Backdoor.Radmin.BD is installed on your computer, it creates several files in your System32 folder, including, admdll.dll, svcset.bat, svchost.exe and others. The fact that one of the backdoor's files is called svchost.exe shows that this infection is good a shielding itself from security products. That is so, because the file is named just like a legitimate Windows process that runs on Task Manager's process list most of the time. Hence, if you see svchost.exe on the list, you might think that it is a genuine Windows process, even if it belongs to Backdoor.Radmin.BD.

When the infection is all set up, it tries to terminate services.exe process that is the Service Control Manager, responsible for running and interacting with system services. Then, based on what the hacker that controls it wants Backdoor.Radmin.BD to do, the backdoor can connect to a remote server and download other arbitrary files. It can also collect your data via keylogging and upload the stored information to the aforementioned remote server. What is more, Backdoor.Radmin.BD modifies your system settings making it more vulnerable to other attacks.

How to remove Backdoor.Radmin.BD?

Since this backdoor is good at hiding from security products, it will be excruciatingly hard to remove it manually. Therefore, you are advised to download a reliable antimalware tool and terminate Backdoor.Radmin.BD with it automatically. Since this backdoor allows other infections to enter your computer, a powerful security tool would check for other threats as well. Do not wait any longer and secure your computer against dangerous attacks!

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