What is wlsidten.dll?

If you open up your Task Manager and notice wlsidten.dll component running on your operating Windows system, there is a great chance that soon enough your computer will be corrupted by schemers and their malicious programs. This dynamic link library file is usually dropped onto the computer via security backdoors exposed by active Trojans. As you may already suspect, wlsidten.dll removal is highly demanding exactly because of the additional malicious programs that could run on your PC. Nonetheless, you have to delete wlsidten.dll as soon as possible and Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers have prepared information about the infection. All you have to do is read and take immediate action.

Why should you beware of wlsidten.dll?

As research shows, wlsidten.dll is related to such infections as Trojan:Win32/Turist.A, EXP/JS.Blackhole.K and Reveton family Trojans, including the infamous Trojan.Reveton.F and Trojan.Reveton.A. The malignant programs have been developed and propagated across unprotected Windows systems in the beginning of the year. Some of the most notable ransomware viruses running with the help of wlsidten.dll are:

GVU Virus
Poliisi Virus
FBI Moneypak Virus
United States Department of Justice Virus
Ihr Computer wurde gesperrt! Virus
Australian Federal Police Virus
Your Computer has been locked! Virus
Polcie Centra e-Crime Unit Virus

The malicious wlsidten.dll has various alias names including rero[1].exe, myfile[1].dll and wpbt0.dll and is 241.6K. It is difficult to determine what system location you could find the component running in since it has been detected in different folders, including C:\Documents and Settings or C:\System Drive. It has been discovered that the component is responsible for modifying auto start programs, which could allow cyber criminals to tamper with Windows initialization processes. The file is a key element towards computer lock-down which is inseparable from ransomware Trojans.

How to remove wlsidten.dll?

Wlsidten.dll removal is not a simple task, especially since there are plenty of other files that could be running alongside. Even though manual removal is not recommended to even experienced Windows users, you can delete wlsidten.dll with the assistance of automatic removal tools. SpyHunter is your best option, and you can acquire this legitimate and reliable automatic malware removal tool by clicking on the download button. Do you need more help? Leave a comment below.

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  1. hi, im from korea.
    help me sir.
    my computer occurred it.
    help me.

    Now, i will download 'spy hunter'

    • Hello Dong Seon,

      Perhaps you got Trojan.Reveton which sometimes lock the screen. Please , scan with Spyhunter anti-spyware tool and write if you have any issues.

      Best Regards

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