Complete an Offer to Continue Virus

What is Complete an Offer to Continue Virus?

Complete an Offer is a screen locker infection that blocks you from accessing your desktop and requires you to fill out a few surveys. It is not a ransomware infection, because Complete an Offer does not ask for money. Its creators have another way to generate revenue. They promise to unlock your computer once you fill out a few surveys, because they receive money for each survey that you complete. This is the message that Complete an Offer “greets” you with:

Your desktop was locked. Complete an offer below to unlock your desktop!


How does Complete an Offer function?

Right after the infection takes place you will no longer be able to log on to your Windows, because Complete an Offer will display a screen-sized message, blocking your access. In case you use Windows 8, you can still see your Windows Start Screen, but this screen locker infection successfully locks you out of the classic desktop. Instead of your desktop you will see the following message:

Unlock this Page to Continue!
This page will immediately unlock and restore normal access upon your participate in an offer below. Please use valid information!

When you click the offer that you are supposed to fill out, you might see one of these surveys displayed: Breakfast on US and with a Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card!, Get FREE McDonald’s!, Win a voucher for drinks at Starbuks! and so on.

It is important to emphasize that the brands you see on surveys presented by Complete an Offer has nothing to do with the infection. If the offers shown do not interest you, the infection reloads the offers presenting you with a new set, instead of unlocking your computer. Although Complete an Offer says it will unlock screen once you fill out the surveys, it does not do so even if you do as you are told.

How to remove Complete an Offer?

Since this screen-locker blocks your desktop access, you have to remove Complete an Offer yourself. There are a few way to get rid of this infection.

A) Complete an Offer Removal Instructions

  1. Restart your computer and tap F8 key.
  2. Select Safe Mode from Advanced Boot Options menu and press Enter.
  3. For Windows XP: Open Start Menu and launch Run. Type “msconfig” into the blank box and press Enter.
  4. For Windows Vista & Windows 7: Open Start menu and type “msconfig” into the search box. Press Enter.
  5. Click the Startup tab on System Configuration Utility.
  6. Uncheck all programs on the startup list and click OK. Exit the menu.
  7. Restart your computer in Normal mode.
  8. Go here and download SpyHunter.
  9. Install SpyHunter and run a full system scan to detect Complete and Offer.

B) Complete an Offer Removal Instructions

  1. Press Window key + R letter key.
  2. Type and press Enter.
  3. Once you run the program, Complete an Offer should be deactivated and you will be able to remove it from your computer.

If you have a question regarding Complete an Offer removal, leave a comment below.

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