Monthly Archives: October 2010

Scan 119

Scan 119, also known as Scan119 is a rogue antivirus application trying to convince consumers of its legitimacy. Do not fall susceptible to this scamware. If you suspect your PC of having fallen foul of this harmful application, using properly functioning security tools is the only way you’ll be able to effectively delete Scan 119 off the system. Symptoms of an Scan 119 infection include sporadic system malfunction, random creation of Desktop icons, browser and search redirection and even blocked Internet connections and executables. Scan 119 will try everything in its power to panic the user into thinking his system is really compromised by seriously harmful threats. Read more »

System Tool

If you have come across the well known rogue referred to as System Tool, chances are your PC has already been compromised by this vicious rogue and want to remove it. System Tool is a rogue antispyware application posing as a legitimate security tool, with the one aim of fleecing consumers out of their money. System Tool will try to convince naive PC owners of its legitimacy by making use of quite authentic looking user interfaces and technically written but ultimately bogus security notifications. Read more »

Think Point

A new rogue antispyware application known as Think Point is spreading havoc across the Internet. Many users have reported on disturbing and annoying symptoms of an Think Point attack on their system. This is a harmful and dangerous rogue which should absolutely never be underestimated. Think Point’s attack has even surprised industry experts. Read more »


It needs to be stated from the beginning that ThinkPoint is the problem and is not the solution. You may experience all types of malicious computer signs and symptoms which will later prompt you to purchase ThinkPoint which claims to make the problems disappear. The truth of the matter is that problems are from ThinkPoint itself and the only solution is to never buy ThinkPoint and to rather buy an antispyware removal tool in order to remove ThinkPoint from your computer system. Read more »

Antivirus Solution 2010

Antivirus Solution 2010 is a new hot rogue spreading across the web like wildfire. As of yet Antivirus Solution 2010 is still slightly unknown, but more and more victims of Antivirus Solution 2010 are complaining about the nasty symptoms its infection spreads and want to remove it. Read more »

Smart Engine

All computer users need to be aware of a dangerous rogue which is lurking around the internet and waiting to infect your computer system. Smart Engine is a rogue and is not going to help your computer system in any way like it claims it will. Do not be fooled by any of the fake warning messages or fake computer scan results because the truth of the matter is that Smart Engine is dangerous and must never be trusted .In fact the best thing which you can do is to detect and remove Smart Engine off your computer system immediately. Read more »

Antivirus Action

More and more victims of the Antivirus Action scam are surfacing. Antivirus Action is rogue antispyware posing as genuine security software. It holds PCs hostage from their rightful owners until consumers pay for their worthless software. Antivirus Action will go as far as to deny PC owners access to the internet, disable legitimate security software on the system and withhold access to important parts of the system such as the control panel and registry. It will also promote system instability, and relentlessly assail the user with popup messages informing of serious threats which are supposedly present on the PC. The only threat is Antivirus Action, but if they have their way it won’t stay that way for long. Read more »


ShieldSoldier is a new rogue creation which has recently become a threat to computer users all over the world. ShieldSoldier has been created by malicious online criminals who only have malicious intentions. Inclusive in these malicious intentions is the factor that they want to convince you that your computer system is at risk and that the only way to rectify this is to purchase ShieldSoldier. The best thing which you can do is to kill ShieldSoldier off your computer system immediately. Read more »

Antivirus Studio 2010

More and more users have fallen victim to the Antivirus Studio 2010 scam. Antivirus Studio 2010 is a rogue antispyware application not to be trusted. It will pose as genuine security software and may be able to trick inexperienced and gullible PC owners who do not know any better. Users who already have already fallen victim to this rogue are urged to immediately delete Antivirus Studio 2010 off their system. Read more »