System Tool

What is System Tool?

If you have come across the well known rogue referred to as System Tool, chances are your PC has already been compromised by this vicious rogue and want to remove it. System Tool is a rogue antispyware application posing as a legitimate security tool, with the one aim of fleecing consumers out of their money. System Tool will try to convince naive PC owners of its legitimacy by making use of quite authentic looking user interfaces and technically written but ultimately bogus security notifications.
Reported symptoms of an System Tool infection include having Internet browsers hijacked, blocked internet connections and slowed system performance. In some cases, the blocking of legitimate executables has also been reported. Users are urged not to fall for these misleading tactics, and to simply remove System Tool from their systems as soon as possible. Never pay for any of System Tool’s products, and stay well clear of any site promoting this nasty rogue.

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