Antivirus Action

What is Antivirus Action?

More and more victims of the Antivirus Action scam are surfacing. Antivirus Action is rogue antispyware posing as genuine security software. It holds PCs hostage from their rightful owners until consumers pay for their worthless software. Antivirus Action will go as far as to deny PC owners access to the internet, disable legitimate security software on the system and withhold access to important parts of the system such as the control panel and registry. It will also promote system instability, and relentlessly assail the user with popup messages informing of serious threats which are supposedly present on the PC. The only threat is Antivirus Action, but if they have their way it won’t stay that way for long.
Antivirus Action will as a further attack on the system start to break down inherent security features of the system, which will create backdoors and easy access to other viruses and threats as well. The user might out of desperation pay for the “full version” of Antivirus Action, only to receive nothing for his money. Antivirus Action offers zero protection capabilities and no benefit to any PC. The only way to get rid of this nasty infection is to delete Antivirus Action using legitimate security tools. The immediate removal of Antivirus Action is vital if damage to the PC is to be limited.

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  1. Trying to remove Antivirus Action Inc from my computer.

  2. Antivirus Action Spyware is the worst malware I have ever encountered. It is preventing me from using my computer. I need HELP to get rid of this MONSTER!!!

  3. Is there anyway to remove this "Antivirus Action" without buying a new program?

    • Anti-Spyware Advisor

      You can run the offered program, it will scan Your computer, and show you the found "Antivirus Action" files. You can then delete them by searching in Your computer.

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