Antivirus Solution 2010

What is Antivirus Solution 2010?

Antivirus Solution 2010 is a new hot rogue spreading across the web like wildfire. As of yet Antivirus Solution 2010 is still slightly unknown, but more and more victims of Antivirus Solution 2010 are complaining about the nasty symptoms its infection spreads and want to remove it.
Once Antivirus Solution 2010 enters the PC, it will immediately start its attack on the system by bombarding the user with incessant popups. These popups act as unsolicited security warnings stating the presence of serious infections on the PC. This is a classic scare tactic employed by rogue security products to get the consumer to spend money on their worthless product.

Other symptoms of an Antivirus Solution 2010 infection has been reported as blocked and slowed internet connections, browser and search hijacking as well as slowed system performance. Erratic system malfunction has also been attributed to Antivirus Solution 2010.

There remains only one way of limiting the damage of an infection from this annoying rogue, and that is by making use of genuine security tools to permanently eradicate Antivirus Solution 2010. Do not fall victim to this rouge and this sly manipulative ways, but continually protect your PC against this and similar rogues.

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