What is ADWARE/bProtect.D?

ADWARE/bProtect.D virus is a highly suspicious adware program which may support a number of unreliable browser plugins. Accordingly to researchers, the potentially dangerous program usually travels bundled with Conduit programs. Some of the most recently analyzed programs from this group include Travelocity Toolbar, Midicair Toolbar and DVDVideoSoft Toolbar. Even though in most cases users are aware about the installed application, as it is represented during the installation of the software, in other cases it could access your browsers without your knowledge. Is this dangerous? You should be merciless to the programs, plugins and other tools which start manipulating your personal computer and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers without your knowledge. Needless to say, we recommend having ADWARE/bProtect.D virus deleted from the computer and browsers.

Should you delete ADWARE/bProtect.D virus?

Also known as Win32/bProtector.A, the program may be presented with various different names, including Browser Defender, Browser Protector and Search Protect by Conduit. It is easiest to locate this program by opening the Control Panel or checking the extension list of your browsers. You can also reveal the existence of the application if you discover BrowserProtect.exe running on the computer. Please open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and check if this process is not active on your personal computer. The file can also be present with the name bprotect.exe, and it represents Application Manager by PerformerSoft LLC developed by Bit89. This questionable executable acts as a BHO (browser helper object), and its main task is to collect information related to your search history.

Why do ADWARE/bProtect.D developers need to discover your search history? This is done with the intention of flooding your browsers with interesting, alluring advertisements, deals and various pop-ups. It is clear that if you were presented with random adverts you would not click on them, and this is not beneficial to adware creators who earn money for every click made. Needless to say, some of the presented adverts could be corrupted by schemers, which is why it is absolutely important that you do not click on any presented offers and remove ADWARE/bProtect.D as soon as possible. What would happen if you clicked the unreliable ads? You could fall victim to spyware infiltration and virtual scams.

How to remove ADWARE/bProtect.D?

If you do not remove malware from the operating Windows system and delete undesirable, intrusive browser plugins, you could risk the integrity and security of the entire operating system. Therefore, you should delete ADWARE/bProtect.D right when you notice the flooding adverts. Do you know how to delete this clandestine infection? We certainly do not recommend manual removal if you have not performed the task in the past because you could cause more harm. Instead you should install authentic security software to have the infection deleted manually. Have more questions regarding the removal process? Post a comment below.

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