What is NTRedirect.dll?

If you have discovered that your operating Windows system is being slowed down by NTRedirect.dll, you have to remove Babylon related software. According to Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, this suspicious file is linked to Babylon Toolbar, Babylon Search and similar browser plugins. Have you installed these on your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers? Note that these applications can be distributed alongside freeware you install which means that they could exist without your consent. Without a doubt this is not something you should ignore, and so we strongly recommend that you examine the suspicious file and remove it if required. If you do not know how to remove NTRedirect.dll from the operating Windows system, we recommend that you read this report.

How does NTRedirect.dll act?

Whether you have installed Babylon software yourself or it has been attached to your browsers without your consent, you can detect NTRedirect.dll. The file is usually found under %APPDATA%\BabSolution\Shared and its size spans from 121, 856 to 127,568 bytes. It has been discovered that the file is added to the startup of the operating system meaning that Babylon can modify your Windows Registry to ensure that its programs start running as soon as you turn on the computer. The dynamic link library file could be used as a browser helper object which is meant to collect information mirroring your virtual activity. Why would the developers of Babylon search tools want to know your recent search history or computer IP address?

Babylon programs are closely linked to the delta-search.com search engine which is often considered to act as a browser hijacker. Whilst in some cases this search tool is offered for the installation after you decide to employ Babylon tools, in other cases it could corrupt your browsers without your knowledge. The search engine is supported through advertisements as it lists supported search results in the hopes of you visiting sites which are based on a pay-per-click service. Even though this is not always dangerous, you must not that there is a great chance that such search results could lead you to corrupted websites as well.

How to remove NTRedirect.dll?

If you detect and delete NTRedirect.dll, it is most likely that Babylon tools will become completely invaluable. Since Windows security researchers do not recommend running this software – it is not a big loss. Of course, this means that you should remove software related to the suspicious file. Do you know how to do this? Navigate to the search box above and enter the name of the browser plugin or a computer program which you wish to remove. The presented articles will provide both manual and automatic removal instructions. If you have more questions about the suspicious file or the removal of undesirable computer programs – leave a comment below.

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