What is Trojan.FraudPack?

Trojan.FraudPack else known as Trojan:Win32/Yektel.A is a Trojan infection that is part of fake antivirus program distribution circle. There is an entire family of Trojan.FraudPack infections that display fake warnings in order for computer users to download and install rogue antispyware (fake AV) applications such a Antivirus 2009, Cyber Protection Center, Antivirus 8 and others. In order to avoid getting infected with rogue antispyware users must remove Trojan.FraudPack from their systems and avoid clicking links displayed on the notifications that are generated by this malware.

How does Trojan.FraudPack work?

This infection enters your system in stealth and adds a subkey into the registry that allows the Trojan to load automatically together with Windows. Unlike most of the Trojans that remain hidden for the most of the infection period, Trojan.FraudPack is very obvious due to the fake notifications it delivers. If you want to make sure that it is really Trojan.FraudPack that displays these messages, lock for explorer32.exe, ieupdates.exe and winsrc.dll in your system folder.

Once the installation takes place, Trojan.FraudPack also installs a BHO on your PC in a shape of DLL file. With this BHO the infection can also hijack your browser and make it seem as though your system is infected and you need to download any of the aforementioned fake antivirus programs.

What does Trojan.FraudPack do?

Trojan.FraudPack tries to trick you installing malware by displaying misleading messages on Internet Explorer. There are three types of different messages displayed by Trojan.FraudPack. First, it can display a message that looks like drop-down notification on Internet Explorer:

The page you are opening is probably contains spyware, adware, etc... Your system might be at risk, Click here to protect system with Antivirus 2009.

Poor grammar in the message above should be enough of a tell-tale sign that one should not trust what is written in the message. Another fake warning covers an entire web browser screen and says that a website you are trying to visit may contain malware that will definitely harm your computer. A third type of warning is displayed randomly during browsing, and in this case Trojan.FraudPack makes it seem as though "Google" is trying to convince you that you need a particular antivirus software:

Google has detected unregistered Antivirus 2009 copy on your computer. Google recommends you to activate Antivirus 2009 to protect your PC from malicious intrusions from the Internet.

Needless to say, that users must ignore these notifications and remove Trojan.FraudPack immediately.

How to remove Trojan.FraudPack?

Since it is a Trojan infection it can be hard to remove it manually. Thus, we highly recommend performing a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner, to check what other malicious programs beside Trojan.FraudPack are present in your system. Then invest in a computer security application to remove Trojan.FraudPack automatically before it manages to cause any great harm to your system and your computer. Do not forget that these days malware aims for your money, so keep your credit card information to yourself at all times!

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