Tracking Cookie - Page 2 category archyve: is a tracking cookie that is set up to record virtual information. An HTTP cookie is stored on the browser or computer, and it is primarily used to record and store information. It is because of cookies that you don’t need to log into a website every time you visit it, unless, of course, you log out or adjust settings to limit cookies. Although cookies can be very useful, the line between usefulness and intrusiveness is often very blurry, and that is what you need to be cautious about. ZEDO is a self-proclaimed “Advertising Technology Partner for Publishers,” and the “World’s Largest Independent Global Ad Server.” It supports all kinds of services and products, and offers to showcase them using ads on mobile apps and articles, and with the help of the so-called curtain raisers. Curtain raisers are ads that pop up on your mobile screen and take up a good portion of it. While you can see ads – whether or not you find them intrusive or annoying – recognizing the existence of cookies might be more complicated. If you are curious to learn if you should remove cookies, please continue reading. Read more »


Reliable web cookies may make your web browsing experience more smooth; however, such questionable tracking cookies as Adultfriendfinder should not be trusted at any point. How can this web cookie access your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or other popular browsers? All you have to do is visit In case you have set your browsers to notify you about new HTTP cookies, you will be aware of its presence. Nonetheless, many computer users do not realize that the cookie is dropped and remains attached to the browsers even if you do not visit the suspicious website again. Overall, researchers suggest that you delete Adultfriendfinder cookie and refrain from accessing the website again. Read more »

YouPorn Cookie

YouPorn cookie is a malicious tracking cookie that records and stores information on web browsing. Not only can it recall your web browsing history on your browser, YouPork cookie is also able to record information stored on your computer. If cyber criminals make use of this cookie, they can easily acquire your personal data such as banking logins or passwords. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you remove YouPorn cookie on time. Otherwise you might experience an important data leak. Read more »


AdultAdWorld is a tracking cookie which you should remove from the system, because it is related to adult websites. You do not have to visit to get the cookie set, because there are various websites associated with and providing third-party cookies.  Generally, a tracking cookie is a text document stored on the PC and allowing a website to identify its visitors if they enter it again. Read more »

Atlas DMT

Various tracking cookies may be collecting personal data about you as we speak. Regardless, most of them are completely harmless, and only such pieces as Atlas DMT can actually put your personal security, confidential data’s protection and PC’s functionality at risk. This malign application has been detected running in many Windows XP systems; however, other Windows versions may also be susceptible to its surreptitious existence. Read more » redirect redirect

Browser hijackers, like redirect, may disrupt your browsing, corrupt your search engines and, in general, make your online activities dangerous to your own privacy. The irritating application has been found to affect the most popular Internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Once the hijacker is downloaded from the official website or gets secretly installed together with bundled downloads, Read more »

Cookie Adultfriendfinder

The tracking cookie adultfriendfinder derives from the, a dating website for single men and women. This application is supposed to collect certain data about your experience within the website; however, it has been researched that the tool may also be employed by cyber criminals to gather highly sensitive data. The illegal processes might be activated whilst you login to the aforementioned website; however, Read more »

Cookie XXXCounter

A tracking cookie, like the cookie XXXCounter, is an application that gets injected into your computer drives by the web sources that you visit. Nowadays, tracking cookies are dropped to your system by many websites, as they can help gather information about your browsing experience, what are your preferences, search results, etc. Ideally, this instrument is supposed to make your browsing and surfing experiences much better, as gathered information can show the host websites what are your interests and what information is preferred by you. Read more »


YouPorn is a tracking cookie that can be attached to your Internet browser when you visit the pornography website. In general, tracking cookies are not critically dangerous and are known to follow any online sources that you visit, as they can gather certain information about your browsing sessions, how much time you spend on certain websites, etc. Read more »


Casalemedia is a commercial marketing cookie that records your Internet activities as you surf the web. Casalemedia sends data to it's remote server to later use for marketing purposes. These commercial marketing cookies are mostly harmless and do not pose a serious security threat. If you're concerned about privacy while surfing, you have the option to remove it. Read more »