What is ZEDO.com?

ZEDO.com is a tracking cookie that is set up to record virtual information. An HTTP cookie is stored on the browser or computer, and it is primarily used to record and store information. It is because of cookies that you don’t need to log into a website every time you visit it, unless, of course, you log out or adjust settings to limit cookies. Although cookies can be very useful, the line between usefulness and intrusiveness is often very blurry, and that is what you need to be cautious about. ZEDO is a self-proclaimed “Advertising Technology Partner for Publishers,” and the “World’s Largest Independent Global Ad Server.” It supports all kinds of services and products, and offers to showcase them using ads on mobile apps and articles, and with the help of the so-called curtain raisers. Curtain raisers are ads that pop up on your mobile screen and take up a good portion of it. While you can see ads – whether or not you find them intrusive or annoying – recognizing the existence of cookies might be more complicated. If you are curious to learn if you should remove ZEDO.com cookies, please continue reading.

How does ZEDO.com work?

So, ZEDO.com is an advertising network and a cookie. The name is the same, and that is not uncommon. This cookie is, most likely, placed on the browser, computer, or device when you interact with ads delivered by the network or when you visit partner websites. The cookie records a timestamp and your IP address. Its purpose is to find ads that are “most appropriate.” What does that mean? That means that the cookie records information that is meant to uncover your interests, most likely, via browsing and search history. According to the information that ZEDO.com provides regarding cookies, if you block a cookie, ads are shown randomly, and are no longer based on your browsing activity. According to our research, the companies whose ads are delivered by the advertising network can also use their own tracking cookies, and it is hard to say what kinds of information they could be tracking and recording using these cookies. Due to this, the removal guide you can see below not only shows how to delete ZEDO.com, but also how to get rid of all cookies.

Whenever we are talking about cookies, we need to be cautious about their ability to record personal information. According to the Privacy Policy represented by the company, ZEDO.com cookies can collect personally identifiable information. That happens when users use certain features (e.g., email updates) or when they communicate with the company. Unfortunately, not many users take their time to review privacy policies and figure out how exactly their data is handled. That means that some users might be unaware when personal information is collected about them or their activity. The good news is that cookies cannot silently download malware or really do anything else besides collecting and transmitting information. That being said, you need to limit the access by cookies as much as possible because there are cookies that are incredibly intrusive and can leak highly personal information to highly untrustworthy parties. This is exactly why our research team suggests erasing all cookies when removing ZEDO.com.

How to remove ZEDO.com

You can delete ZEDO.com cookies separately, but remember that not all cookies have predictable names. If you don't know the exact names of the cookies you want to remove, it might be best to eliminate them all. This is something we recommend doing if you have interacted with suspicious ads at any point. These cookies are pretty much unpredictable, and it is best if you delete them without any delay. What happens when you clear all cookies? When you restart the browser, you might have to accept cookies anew when you visit certain websites, so that they could start recording necessary information again. Needless to say, if you take the jump and remove ZEDO.com along with other cookies, the wise thing to do is to be mindful about the cookies that you accept in the future. If the site you are visiting does not appear to be reliable, you don’t want its cookies. Note that some anti-malware programs might offer to delete cookies automatically, and so if you scan your browser and are warned about cookies, do not hesitate to get rid of them.

Removal Instructions

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the browser and tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete/Command+Shift+Delete together.
  2. Select the time range and check the Cookies box.
  3. Click Clear Now and restart the browser.

Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser and tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete/Command+Shift+Delete together.
  2. Select the time range and check the Cookies and other site data box.
  3. Click Clear data and restart the browser.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open the browser and tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete/Command+Shift+Delete together.
  2. Check the Cookies and website data box.
  3. Click Delete and restart the browser.


  1. Click Safari in the Safari menu bar.
  2. Click Preferences, then Privacy, and finally Manage Website Data.
  3. Click Remove All and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of ZEDO.com*

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