What is Casalemedia?

Casalemedia is a commercial marketing cookie that records your Internet activities as you surf the web. Casalemedia sends data to it's remote server to later use for marketing purposes. These commercial marketing cookies are mostly harmless and do not pose a serious security threat. If you're concerned about privacy while surfing, you have the option to remove it.The data is collected in order to provide you with advertisements that are related to your likes and preferences. Despite the fact that this tracking cookie has an official website at, a great number of users complain that having been involved into CasaleMedia services has resulted in a perpetual stream of spam advertisements that disrupt the Internet browsing process.

Where does CasaleMedia come from?

CasaleMedia tracking cookie is a not a computer infection. It is a piece of data that is use to record what kind of websites you are visiting. Casale Media Online Advertising Network uses these cookies to track when exactly you have seen a particular advertisement. This way the cookie helps various companies to improve their marketing practices. Also, CasaleMedia can obtain a third party data from you, but the official stance is that the data does not include your personal information. What is more, you can also op-out of the CasaleMedia service if you see that you are bombarded with advertisements you have no use of.

When is CasaleMedia dangerous?

Unfortunately, sometimes such tracking cookies like CasaleMedia might be hacked by a third party. Originally, cookies cannot collect any personal information on your computer, but if its code is rewritten by hackers, cookies can record private information such as banking logins and passwords, and then transfer the information collected to a remote server. Such activities have nothing to do with the Casale Media Online Advertising Network, but users are generally advised to remove CasaleMedia from their computers. Third party cookies always increase a possibility of malware infection.

We recommend performing a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner in order to check whether you have any undesirable files on your PC. Also, invest in a legitimate computer security tool to remove CasaleMedia tracking cookie automatically without any difficulties. This way your default browser settings will be restored automatically and your system will be protected against possible malware attacks.

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  1. you know the whole computer geek/hacker/virus/antivirus industry stinks, it reminds me of the old Mafia 'protection' days, when theyd offer you protectio against your store burning down ...
    When you didnt take offer your store burned down...
    Its always highly suspicious to me that few if ever hacker/virus authors are ever caught, or go to prison, or have their ugly geek faces put in newspapers as with child molesters, and terrorists ...
    Its a awsome 'money maker' software virus, they cause a menace, then sell the remedy ....
    I heard that many virus authors work for major AV companies, and 'work on the side' as they know the codes their employers use !!!
    It stinks , but then again so does most of humanity right now ...
    Thats my input !

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