What is AdultAdWorld?

AdultAdWorld is a tracking cookie which you should remove from the system, because it is related to adult websites. You do not have to visit to get the cookie set, because there are various websites associated with and providing third-party cookies.  Generally, a tracking cookie is a text document stored on the PC and allowing a website to identify its visitors if they enter it again. Without these files, websites would not recognize different visitors; however, it does not mean that tracking cookies can identify your identity. One the other hand, tracking cookies can pass information about your browsing sessions to another computer; therefore, if you do not want to be monitored by a tracking cookie associated with adult pages, remove AdultAdWorld from the PC immediately.

AdultAdWorld, as you already know, is associated with which is an advertising network related to adult-only websites that can choose different types of advertising. They have an option to use pop-up under programs, banners, or text ads, which are paid out for every click. This enables web publishers to get more traffic to their websites, and if you have visited a website which is related to, AdultAdWorld is likely to be present in the system. More specifically, the cookie is a file stored on the hard drive, and it operates as an identification card for the website you are at. The file stores the information about when you visited the website, what items were viewed or clicked on.

To check whether your system holds AdultAdWorld, install SpyHunter, which will immediately run an in-depth system scan and identify all potential threats. Moreover, it will provide you with effective protection, which means that you will be able to browse the Internet safely.

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