What is KeygenGuru?

KeygenGuru is a spyware cookie that is designed to track your personal information and Internet surfing patterns as you browse the web. KeygenGuru spyware is usually installed after visiting their website KeygenGuru(dot)com. This website is illegal because it gives out various serial numbers, cracks and patches for almost all programs. These patches allow bypassing activations prompts and running those programs with all features and no limits.

KeygenGuru usually spreads its spyware when users try to download those keygens in archives, that are suppposed to help the user run the program illegally. Although a user might get what he wants (a keygen or a patch), running that tiny program will also inject KeygenGuru. This is why it is so important to remove KeygenGuru as soon as possible.

KeygenGuru is also known as a part of TDSS or Zeroaccess rootkits. It means that this computer malware might be also responsible for redirected searches. When you search something on the Internet, you can be easily redirected malware-related websites. There you might be exposed to even further infections, that can be hiding in the malware-related webistes. Do not be surprised if you get infected by Trojans after having been forcefully redirected to another website by KeygenGuru.

This piece of computer malware can also be responsible for blocking the installation of legitimate computer safeguard programs due to the rootkits that come along with the program. They are extremely difficult to remove so the best you can do is AVOID KeygenGuru at all costs, and do not try to crack illegitimate programs. However, if you happen to have installed it already, then you should acquire a reliable computer security tool that would help you to remove KeygenGuru automatically, because manual removal might be rather tricky. Inexperienced users sometimes even end up damaging their systems while trying to remove malware on their own. Thus, do not hesitate to terminate KeygenGuru with an authorized computer safety program.

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