What is WinSpy?

WinSpy is a Remote Administration Tool, or RAT, that monitors files, Internet activities, network traffic, and keystrokes. If you detect ansmtp.dll on your computer, you may be infected with WinSpy spyware. WinSpy installs without your knowledge. An attacker who has access to your hard-drive, can install WinSpy in the startup folder and will run the next time you log in to your computer. The attacker will get a Web-based interface that displays reports of all your computer activities.

In a sense WinSpy can track every single thing you do on your computer. That includes even registering your chats, taking screenshots of your webcam pictures and recording your email messages contents. Even though the program claims to be an official legitimate product, you can see that WinSpy is a total breach of your privacy, and even if you think that this program is not that dangerous to your system, you should better think again, because your sensitive information can be exposed to a third party, and in the end you might end up losing your money.

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

Another thing you should about things like WinSpy is that these infections seldom come alone. The likes of WinSpy uses various rootkit techniques to work in the background of your system and remain hidden from security products. If you have WinSpy in your computer, your system is vulnerable, and there are probably other types of malware like Trojans or works residing in your system as well.

That is why you have to remove WinSpy using a reliable removal tool, because an automatic removal would be the best in this kind of situation. Manual removal might prove to be a little bit too challenging, especially when it comes to finding and deleting the files related to WinSpy. Therefore, a powerful security tool of choice can detect and delete WinSpy, at the same time checking your system for any other infections. Do take your system's security seriously and remove WinSpy at once.

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