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You Are Using An Older Version Of Chrome fake alert

You Are Using An Older Version Of Chrome fake alert can show up in your Google Chrome browser all of a sudden when you land on a compromised web server or when your computer has been infected with malware infections. Our malware specialists at say that you should not fall for this trick because once you click on the update button, you may install questionable, potentially unwanted programs like Browser Updater and NetSupport Manager RAT as well as adware applications or worse. This fake alert is similar to "Windows Detected Potential Threats On Your Computer fake alert" and " Virus Alert From Microsoft fake alert"; although, most of these are usually technical support scams to push you to call a provided phone number to scam you with a useless system fixer tool. In this case, you would simply let infections onto your system, which could pose a threat to your system security. Therefore, we recommend that you remove You Are Using An Older Version Of Chrome fake alert from your browser as soon as possible. Read more » looks like a normal search engine, but it is not, and you could put yourself at risk by using it. It should become obvious that not everything is right with it when you are redirected to (Google Search) after entering keywords into the allocated search field. Even though you might be familiar with this engine, the hijacker’s ability to redirect to it without any warning or your consent is truly worrisome. You want to delete from your web browser not only because it redirects without permission, but also because it can expose you to unreliable content. We discuss this further in the report. Before you continue reading to learn more about the threat and its removal, it is advised that you scan your operating system using a legitimate malware scanner. If more serious threats are found, handle them first. The hijacker can wait a moment. Read more »

Audiovisualizer Search

Audiovisualizer Search

Audiovisualizer Search is a browser hijacker that is promoted by a questionable Google Chrome browser extension called AudioVisualizer. This tool seems to be rather vague as to what it really does, but our malware experts at say that it can hijacker your web searches and possibly take you to a modified search results page to promote affiliates. This malware infection can record and monitor your web searches in order to target you with customized advertising to make money. Since keeping this useless extension in your browser could expose you to questionable third-party web content and further infections, too, we believe that you should remove Audiovisualizer Search as soon as possible. Read more » is a browser hijacker that comes with a Chrome extension. Our research team says that this search engine is a browser hijacker because it changes your default settings without your permission. At the same time, it also means that the extension it comes with is rather suspicious. Hence, to remove from your computer, you need to remove the extension that initiated the browser settings modification. There might be several extensions responsible for this intrusive behavior. If you want to find it immediately, do not hesitate to scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner. This way you will get a list of potential threats immediately. Read more »

If has been set on your web browser without your knowledge, it means that you have encountered the browser hijacker. It changes browsers’ settings by installing the add-on named Inspiratiooo. This browser hijacker might be spread bundled with other applications and, on top of that, it is very likely that it is promoted via pop-up advertisements, but users themselves can consciously install this browser hijacker from the official Chrome Web store ( as well. Needless to say, it works exactly the same in all the cases. It is advertised as useful software “for beautiful browsing and search experience” at the Chrome Web Store; however, researchers at have decided to categorize it as a browser hijacker because it usually alters browsers’ settings without the users’ knowledge. Luckily, it affects only Google Chrome, so its removal will not take long. If you have never erased any undesirable extension from your PC, you might find the removal quite difficult. To help you remove it from your browser, we have placed the manual removal guide below this report – you are welcome to use it. Read more »

myTV Search Plus Extension

myTV Search Plus Extension

The myTV Search Plus extension is a search tool for the Chrome browser aimed at providing users with access to TV channels’ content and the latest updates. However, in reality the application enables user to search games using the search engine Like many other browser extensions, the myTV Search Plus extension is supposed to enhance user experience; however, many computer users may find this search tool redundant and may want to remove it from their computers. Malware researchers encourage affected users to do so, because the extension is capable of changing browser settings to monitor users’ online preferences and record data on various websites.

The myTV Search Plus extension falls to the category of potentially unwanted program (PUPs), which include programs that are promoted on official websites that might not arouse any suspicion, but are spread in dubious ways. Read more »

My Net Speed

My Net Speed is a piece of software compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It promises to make it possible to test the Internet connection speed with the click of a button, so we are sure there are people who install it consciously. No matter if you are one of them, or if you have discovered My Net Speed installed on your computer without your knowledge, you should get rid of it because it is not trustworthy software. Our malware researchers have even categorized it as a browser hijacker because it applies changes to browsers without the users’ knowledge. Speaking specifically, you will find a new homepage set on the browser you use if you ever install this piece of software, or if it somehow manages to enter your system illegally. You could undo these changes only by removing it fully. Since My Net Speed is not as beneficial as it claims to be, we are sure you will not miss it. If you feel that you need more information about it, continue reading this article. We hope that your final decision will be to remove this browser extension from all affected browsers. Read more » tries to convince users that it is a legitimate search tool, but it is definitely not what is seems to be, believe us, so if it is ever set as your new homepage (or a new default search provider) on your web browsers, you should remove it without consideration. It has turned out that it can affect all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you have all of them installed on your computer, it means that it will take more time to get rid of for you. No, you cannot keep it because it is an untrustworthy search provider. If you use it, it might present you with untrustworthy search results that might redirect you to dubious websites. We cannot promise that is privacy-friendly either. Search tools browser hijackers promote are never trustworthy, so if you find your browsers hijacked in the future again after getting rid of, remove that page without mercy as well. You will not find an uninstaller of the browser hijacker, so do not go searching for it, but the good news is that you do not need to have special software to remove it from your computer – it will be gone after you reset all those affected browsers to default. Read more » appears to be one of the Polarity Technologies Ltd browser hijackers. What’s more, our researchers at think it might be a clone of another recently reviewed hijacker called since the titles are almost identical and the threats look more or less the same. From our experience with such search engines, we can say there might be a chance could show unreliable advertising content from different third parties to generate advertising revenue. The bad news is while the program’s developers might be receiving payments for each user’s click, the user could put his system or privacy at risk by clicking it. If you keep reading our text, you will learn more about the browser hijacker and why we do not advise leaving it unattended. Should you decide to remove it; keep it in mind the manual deletion instructions available at the end of the article are here to help you erase it faster. Read more »

Have you found to have taken over your browser’s homepage, New tab, and/or default search provider? According to the research of malware analysts, it does not look like this browser hijacker can corrupt your IE, Firefox, or Chrome web browser completely without permission; however, you might have been forced into letting it in when downloading the “Email Inbox Login” extension. All in all, whether your browser was hijacked illegally or with your knowledge, you want to delete as soon as possible. This hijacker – as well as the extension representing it – was created by Polarity Technologies Ltd., and this company is responsible for hundreds of extensions and hijackers that we recommend removing. Some of them include,, and My Weather Radar. Although these threats are usually represented via authentic-looking sources, it appears that they are often installed using malware or undesirable software bundles. Without a doubt, you want to remove malware if it exists, but, in this report, we focus on erasing the hijacker and the accompanying extension. Read more »