Browser hijackers - Page 8 category archyve: is a threat that falls under the classification of browser hijackers. Our researchers at came across a version compatible with Internet Explorer, but they say it is most likely the application works on browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox too. While testing this search engine, it was noticed it can replace user’s default search engine and homepage. As a result, the hijacked browser should start loading after launching it or initiating a new search. The problem with it that it may display modified Yahoo search results. Modified results mean there could be additional advertisements from various third parties among them. However, the worst part is there is not knowing where this material might come from. In other words, we would not be surprised if some ads would appear to be dangerous. Because of this, we advise against the browser hijacker’s usage. Thus, at the end of this report, we will place instructions explaining how to eliminate it manually. Read more »

You do not want set as your homepage or default search provider, and you do not want it represented via the New Tab either. That is because this search tool is a browser hijacker that was created to redirect you to a third-party search engine without your permission, showcase sponsored content by modifying the search results you see, as well as collect information about you using intrusive web cookies. These are the reasons you should delete from your web browser immediately. Of course, it is most likely that there is at least one more piece that you need to remove from your browser, and that is an extension called “Watch TV Instantly.” This extension, most likely, is responsible for hijacking your web browser. Unfortunately, other undesirable programs – and maybe even malware – might exist on your operating system. Therefore, if you have faced the hijacker and/or the unwanted extension, immediately perform a full system scan. Read more » is an intrusive piece of software that should not be up and running on your personal computer. In fact, we urge you to remove it without any hesitation if it is ever found up and running on your PC. Doing so is essential because it happens to be another browser hijacker. If you are not familiar with programs of this classification, you must know that they are infamous for being intrusive. Usually, they can alter your web browser's default settings without any notification or authorization. As a consequence of modifications, browsing the web will become a much more annoying and frustrating experience, to put it lightly. What is even more concerning is the fact this hijacker could prove to be quite dangerous. Find out more about its inner workings by reading the rest of this article. Alongside such information, we include a comprehensive removal guide, which you should use to delete once and for all. Read more » is the kind of threat that proves how important it is to do research before installing anything. This search tool is classified as a browser hijacker, and it was developed by Polarity Technologies Ltd. to expose users to a highly questionable search engine. In fact, research team indicates that this search tool is the primary reason for deleting from all browsers. Why is that so? Because the hijacker, first of all, redirects to without authorization and, second, it shows results that might include advertisements and links to potentially unreliable sites. Yahoo has provided the creator of the hijacker with a search engine, but the company is not involved in showcasing unreliable links that Polarity Technologies Ltd. is paid to showcase, which is why Polarity is the only party you need to hold accountable. If you wish to delete right now, check out the instructions available below. If you are eager to learn more before you start the removal process, keep reading. Read more » is a new search tool that will be set as your default search provider if you install the browser extension named Smart Search. It is compatible with both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, as research conducted by specialists at has shown, which means that it might alter settings of these two browsers. At the time of writing, this piece of software was not popular, but we suspect that its popularity will start growing soon because it does look like software that cannot be trusted at first glance. Speaking specifically, it is advertised as “a fresh, new search experience.” It promises to enhance users’ search experience to a great extent, but it does not mean that it is a very good idea to install it on the system. Our specialists cannot confirm that it is useful software either, so you should think twice before clicking on the installation button. Have you already found set as your new default search provider and can locate Smart Search in your add-ons manager? If “yes” is the answer to this question, we recommend that you get rid of ASAP because it is not likely at all that it is a legitimate search provider. Needless to say, it will disappear from the default search tool’s place only when you delete the Smart Search extension fully. It is often referred to as a browser hijacker because it applies changes the majority of users find undesirable to their browsers, but you could remove it quite easily because we will help you, we give you our word. Read more »


Pdf2DocPro is a browser extension compatible with the Google Chrome browser. It is presented as a beneficial piece of software that works as a PDF converter: “Get an easy and free PDF to DOC/DOC to PDF converter and translator!.” Because of this, we would not be surprised at all if its popularity increases considerably over time. Researchers working at have a different opinion about it. They consider Pdf2DocPro a browser hijacker and do not recommend installing it. If you have found yourself on the Chrome Web Store but still cannot decide whether or not you should install this add-on, you should definitely refrain yourself from doing that because your Google Chrome settings will be altered, and we are sure that there are better tools for converting documents available. Can you already locate a browser extension with finccmbmjdmhdcdjkfkkfdkbodjgelpc or ndgiipgjbobbpfaoceclhnckcagimhcn IDs in the add-ons manager on your browser? If so, our only piece of advice for you would be to get rid of it ASAP. It is far from extremely dangerous malware, but it is definitely not a fully trustworthy application either, so it would be better if Pdf2DocPro is completely removed. Read more »

Any Search Manager

Any Search Manager

If you ever encounter an application that goes by the name of Any Search Manager be sure to do everything in your power to refrain from it at all times. In fact, we advise you to remove it if it is ever found up and running on your operating system. Doing so is essential because malware experts at our internal labs have classified this application as one more potentially unwanted program. Such category has been assigned because it exhibits intrusive and otherwise invasive functionality. It can make changes to your browser's default settings without any notification. Because of that, browsing the web will become an annoying and frustrating experience. You should also know that this application could lead to further virtual security problems. Be sure to learn more about its inner workings by reading the rest of this report. Additionally, you will find a comprehensive removal guide that you should use to delete Any Search Manager once and for all. Read more » is a threat you may come across if you act carelessly when installing new browser extensions. That is because this browser hijacker was noticed being distributed with an add-on considered to be a potentially unwanted program. Also, it is vital to mention the application can be received only by those who use Google Chrome as neither the doubtful search engine nor the extension carrying it seems to be compatible with this browser. What’s more, our researchers at have noticed the threat might have a way to present the user with possibly malicious advertising content from unknown third parties. No doubt, clicking such material could bring you trouble, which is why we recommend not to take any chances with it and eliminate this browser hijacker. In order to help users get rid of faster we will be placing removal instructions a bit below the text, so if you require any help feel free to use them. Read more »

You Are Using An Older Version Of Chrome fake alert

You Are Using An Older Version Of Chrome fake alert can show up in your Google Chrome browser all of a sudden when you land on a compromised web server or when your computer has been infected with malware infections. Our malware specialists at say that you should not fall for this trick because once you click on the update button, you may install questionable, potentially unwanted programs like Browser Updater and NetSupport Manager RAT as well as adware applications or worse. This fake alert is similar to "Windows Detected Potential Threats On Your Computer fake alert" and " Virus Alert From Microsoft fake alert"; although, most of these are usually technical support scams to push you to call a provided phone number to scam you with a useless system fixer tool. In this case, you would simply let infections onto your system, which could pose a threat to your system security. Therefore, we recommend that you remove You Are Using An Older Version Of Chrome fake alert from your browser as soon as possible. Read more » looks like a normal search engine, but it is not, and you could put yourself at risk by using it. It should become obvious that not everything is right with it when you are redirected to (Google Search) after entering keywords into the allocated search field. Even though you might be familiar with this engine, the hijacker’s ability to redirect to it without any warning or your consent is truly worrisome. You want to delete from your web browser not only because it redirects without permission, but also because it can expose you to unreliable content. We discuss this further in the report. Before you continue reading to learn more about the threat and its removal, it is advised that you scan your operating system using a legitimate malware scanner. If more serious threats are found, handle them first. The hijacker can wait a moment. Read more »