Browser hijackers - Page 5 category archyve: is considered to be a browser hijacker that might alter homepage and default search engine preferences. As a result, the affected browser may start loading this site every time it is launched or when the user begins a new search. The thing users should know about it is that together with the displayed search results there could be doubtful advertisements from various third parties. Our researchers say they cannot be one hundred percent sure, but they believe some part of such material could be possibly malicious, which is why they advise against the browser hijacker’s usage. We will talk more about it further in the article so if you are interested in learning more about; we invite you to read the rest of this text. Additionally, users will find instructions showing how to erase it manually just slightly below the article. Read more » is a website users usually get redirected to from,, or a similar website. The most likely scenario is that they are then presented with a pop-up offering to install a browser extension. If the installation button is clicked, a piece of software promoting affects the browser. It should set this website as a new default search provider. Of course, not all users install the extension consciously. Some of them click on the installation button incidentally and thus cannot understand why they see a new page open to them every time they launch their browsers. It can bet set on all users’ browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you do not like what you have found, you should get rid of as soon as possible. This is exactly what our specialists recommend doing too. This search tool is not some kind of harmful malicious application, so you should be able to remove it quite easily. Just follow the removal guide we have prepared for you after you finish reading this report. Read more » is a search tool that looks fully reliable. Unfortunately, the fact that some users find it set as a new homepage and New Tab page on their browsers clearly shows that it is not one of those 100% trustworthy search providers, so if you ever find it set on your browsers without your knowledge too (theoretically, it might affect all browsers, including popular ones like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome), you should consider getting rid of it right away. It is not real malware, but if you suspect that it has hijacked your browsers’ settings, you should remove it without further consideration. Since it is not a harmful threat, you should be able to remove it from your browsers by simply resetting them to default settings. If this does not tell you much now, it should be clearer for you what you need to do after you read this entire report. Read more » is not a reliable search provider even though it seems to be legitimate, so if it happens that you ever find it set on the web browser you use to surf the Internet, you should remove it right away without any considerations about keeping it. Polarity Technologies Ltd. has developed more than one suspicious search tool on the same template. They all act the same, so it was a piece of cake for our specialists to analyze too. Yes, it does look legitimate, but it should not be used for web searches because it might display untrustworthy search results, specialists say. Because of this, we suggest that you replace with another fully reliable search tool today. It should not be a hard task at all if you follow our manual removal guide provided below this article. Read this report until the end and then take action immediately. Read more » might not look like a threat, but researchers report that it is a browser hijacker. Thus, you should not be surprised if it affects your browser without you even realizing it. Usually, such applications sneak in with bundled installers of unreliable browser add-ons, toolbars, etc. It is not a malicious threat itself, but our researchers say it could display ads promoting possible harmful content. As a result, we would not advise using it if you do not want to put your system at risk accidentally. To learn more about the browser hijacker you could review the rest of this article. Also, we should mention we will be placing deletion instructions at the end of this page, so provided you decide you do not want on your computer, feel free to use our prepared steps to remove the tool manually. Read more » is a form of a browser hijacker because the majority of users say that its appearance on their browsers was unexpected. It is not the first Polarity Technologies Ltd. browser hijacker that specialists at have analyzed, so they can say nothing new. Like other hijackers developed on the same template, e.g. and, it should alter homepages on all browsers that are installed on your system. Most probably, it is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you use any of these web browsers to surf the web, the appearance of will definitely not go unnoticed. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that this page is a trustworthy search provider even though its interface suggests the opposite, so we see only one outcome in this situation – its complete removal. The sooner you get rid of it, the sooner you could set another reliable search provider and start performing safe web searches. It is not a problem if you do not know how to remove it now because you will definitely know more after you read this report. Read more »

Whether has taken over the homepage, new tab page, or search provider on your web browser, you should not put up with this hijacker. Sure, it might have been attached to an extension that you found attractive, but the reality is that neither the extension nor the search tool it pushes upon you is worth your trust. As a matter of fact, malware research team strongly advises deleting this software. If you are not sure why that would be necessary, you should definitely read this report to learn all about the hijacker and the extension that is associated with it. In case anything that is mentioned in this report raises questions that are not answered, note that you can start a conversation in the comments section. Our research team has deleted and many of its clones, and we can give you all information you need about this malware. Read more »


If you see Search9 ( when you open your browser, and you are sure you have not applied these changes yourself, there is no doubt that your web browser has been hijacked. That is, its settings have been changed without your knowledge. It does not mean that there is nothing you can do about this. You can remove Search9 from your browser and then set a new page quite easily. This search tool looks legitimate, so users do not hurry to remove it from those affected browsers, but, according to researchers at, they should get rid of it ASAP. It is not malicious, but it cannot be called a reliable search provider too, so it would be best not to use it at all. Even though the appearance of Search9 on your browsers indicates that you have encountered a browser hijacker that has altered your preferred settings illegally, you should remove the undesirable search tool set without any problems. Continue reading to find out what you can do to make it disappear. Read more »

You should be very careful with even though it is presented as a powerful search provider and really looks like one at first glance. Well, it would be a lie if we told you that it is malicious because it is far from ransomware, Trojans, or other types of malicious applications, but we cannot confirm that it is 100% reliable too. First of all, fully trustworthy pages are never set on users’ browsers without their knowledge. Second, as research conducted by specialists at has shown, this search tool might display some modified search results together with ordinary search results after the search query is entered by the user. This is not a small drawback, so we recommend that you replace this search tool with a more trustworthy search provider, for example, Google. You should get rid of it without further consideration if it has been set on your browser without your knowledge. It is nothing near serious malware, so its removal should be quick and easy. Of course, as usual, we highly recommend that you read this report till the end before you take action. Read more »

If your homepage was replaced by all of a sudden, you might think that your browser was hijacked. Most likely, you downloaded a program or an extension that was created to change settings within your browser. According to researchers, potentially unwanted programs, shortly known as “PUPs,” can be used to drop this strange search tool, and that is a cause for concern. The interface of the hijacker we are discussing is identical to that of, which is classified as a harmless search tool. Also, it is quite popular. Well, it was discovered, that the creator of these search tools is the same, which means that the hijacker is just a sub-domain. It was also found that there are others just like it. One example is So, the creator of a legitimate search tool is developing sub-domains and spreading them using questionable programs. Isn’t that strange? Our research team thinks it is, and that is why Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer users are advised to delete Read more »