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The irritating Virus is an adware which supposedly allows you to share links on the Internet. You have to register for an account in order to be able to share a URL and receive profit for every click made. Even though it may seem as if you can earn money using the suspicious services, in reality the money will go to the developer of the service – x19 Limited. Even if you manage to collect a few cents per click you will not be allowed to use this money unless you earn at least $5. According to researchers, it is not easy to collect this money, which means that all of your energy and work committed to the purpose will help the developers of the so-called virus and not you. Do you want to get involved in such time-consuming, idle activity? Continue reading to learn how to remove Virus. Read more »

Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is a feeware application that allows users to download videos from such websites as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and others. It is a legitimate program that can be useful by a great number of users, but there are several security issues related to the application that should not be overlooked. The thing is that you cannot ignore the fact that the program comes bundled with additional browser extensions that can seriously impair your browsing process. Either you remove Freemake Video Downloader from your computer, or simply disable the browser extensions that came with it; otherwise you may experience various problems in the near future. Read more » is a search engine which you may come across via freeware or shareware. It can be set as your default search provider, which means that you will have to use it instead of Google or any other safe search engine.   Among the results provided by you may find some irrelevant hits, which are likely to be presented in order for the owners of various websites to earn money by employing the pay-per-click model. It is advisable to take immediate action to remove from the browser, be it Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox, in order to regain access to the formed search provider. Read more »

Fake Flash Player Ads

Fake Flash Player Ads is a term that is used to refer to pop-up and display ads that are generated by a fake flash player that is accessible at Google Docs. The application works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari. The extension provides the user with a hyperlink leading to the supposed publisher’s website, which may convince the user that Flash Player 11 is a legitimate application. If you have noticed that different websites provide you with obtrusive browsers and pornographic pop-up ads, scan the PC for malware, especially if you are not sure where the malicious program is located. Read more »

Shareaza Toolbar

Shareaza Toolbar, also known as the Music Toolbar is a browser extension which could be classified as potentially unwanted application. Its primary installation website is at, where they offer you to download their P2P client, and the toolbar is automatically selected during the installation for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. However, to know that you are installing it you would have to actually stop and read during the process, so it is entirely plausible that you may want to remove Shareaza Toolbar simply because you did not even want it in the first place. While this extension from Bandoo Media Inc cannot be called malicious, it can quite understandably be a nuisance and its functionality is questionable at the best. Read more »

ReportLady virus

ReportLady virus is adware and can potentially cause a lot of damage to your computer’s system. When it is already in, it displays various advertisements while you are browsing the Internet, especially favoring online shopping websites, such as Amazon, Best Buy or Expedia. If you are seeing a See Similar button on product images, different ads in the form of pop-up boxes and banners, you have this infection in your computer and you should remove ReportLady virus immediately. You should note that the longer this adware stays in your computer’s system, the more potential harm it can cause, so time is crucial. Read more »


Saveshare is an adware program that may pose serious security threats to your system. Normally, browser settings allows you to block pop-up ads that would hinder the web browsing process, but when Saveshare is installed on your computer, this intrusive program overrides default browser settings (on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and then displays pop-up advertisements whenever you open a specific website. Adware applications are not direct computer threats, but they are instrumental infecting your system with dangerous programs, so the sooner you remove Saveshare from your system, the sooner your PC will be protected from possible malware infection. Read more »



Yellowmoxie is often considered to be a computer virus and a browser hijacker that overtakes links on a target computer. It may also display annoying advertisements while you browse the web. However, Yellowmoxie’s malicious abilities are slightly too far-fetched, because first and foremost it is a website that provides you with links and information about social services (restaurants, entertainment, travel, business, banking, real estate etc.), discount coupons and online shopping. In case your home page is changed to this website, then you should scan your PC with SpyHunter free scanner as there is a high chance that you have installed potentially dangerous programs on your computer. If that is the case, do all it takes to remove Yellowmoxie and related applications from your computer. Read more »

Amazon Smart Search

Amazon Smart Search

Amazon Smart Search is a browser plugin that changes your home page, default search engines settings and adds a toolbar to your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser. The plugin itself is a legitimate browser extension, but users often complain that it appears out of nowhere and then modifies their browser settings, taking over their search engine and what not. That is so, because there is more than one method to distribute such browser plugins. If it was not your initial intention to install this extension on your computer, scroll down to the bottom of this article for Amazon Smart Search removal instructions. Read more »

FLV Player

If you do not want to have your operating Windows system and browsers infected with malware, you should not install FLV Player. Even though this application may seem beneficial to you, our researchers at have discovered that the program comes bundled with various PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) and malicious software. We certainly do not recommend that you download this program from, and you should be careful about other programs which might be promoted through this source as well. In case you have already installed the application and now your PC and web browsers are intruded by unreliable or even malicious programs, you need to delete them right away. Please continue reading to learn more about FLV Player removal. Read more »