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If you have downloaded a browser plugin from, it is likely that Adware.AddLyrics is now running on your personal computer. The application does not have a verified publisher which signals that it is not the best idea to run it on your personal computer. Right now the product is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers only, and it is stated that the plugin will help you find lyrics to any songs you play on YouTube. Even if the services of the extension are useful to you, it is essential that you beware of the advertisements which are bound to follow it. researchers recommend having Adware.AddLyrics deleted, and this article explains how to. Read more »


Worm.Agent.bx is a dangerous computer infection which you should removed once you find that it is present on the PC. If your anti-spyware program cannot remove Worm.Agent.bx , you should implement SpyHunter, which will immediately eliminate the malicious worm from the computer. Worm.Agent.bx spreads via spam emails, so if you ever receive an email whose sender or the subject line seems suspicious, do not open but delete it from your mail box. If you click the link given in the email or download the attachment, Worm.Agent.bx drops its copy on the PC in order to affect the performance of the system. Many computer worms have been known only to spread over the network; however, now they are used for causing disruptions of the system. Read more »

Pricora 3.1

Pricora 3.1 is an adware program based on CrossRider platform and published by Corporate, Inc, and it is available at The program works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. On the last two browsers, the application is installed as a browser add-on, while on Internet Explorer it is installed as a browser helper object. You should remove Pricora 3.1 because it does not add any functionality to your internet browser; it only displays different advertisements which can be minimized so that only a small bar in the lower-right corner of the screen is seen. Read more »


Adware.win32.brongr.b is a computer infection categorized as adware, which is obvious from its name. It means that this computer infection may not be dangerous in particular, but it can still cause a number of security issues. The problem is that users seldom realize that they are infected with Adware.win32.brongr.b until this application causes some kind of damage. Most of the time, however, Adware.win32.brongr.b simply generates a ton of commercial advertisements that do not allow you to browse the Internet properly. Therefore, in order to avoid potential computer threats and to browse the Internet just like you are used to, you should remove Adware.win32.brongr.b right now. Read more » is an adware program that generates pop-up ads on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It is an advertising platform that can be used by third parties to deliver their own content. Although is not a malicious infection, since it is basically used as a tool for third party content promotion, it is vulnerable to third party exploitation. Consequently, if you see pop-up ads being displayed on your computer screen and most of them are delivered via, it means you may have potentially unwanted programs on board. Scan your computer with a reliable antimalware scanner and remove as soon as you can. Read more » supported advertisements should not be ignored; however, trusting them could be a serious mistake. If you have noticed pop-ups presented through this platform after landing on some suspicious websites you should pay no attention to them. researchers recommend that you install reliable ad-blockers to prevent the reappearance of unreliable and potentially harmful ads. Of course, if you keep witnessing advertisements supported through the platform, ad-blockers will not help you. These pop-ups may have been caused by active adware which may expose your virtual security to various threats and risks. There is no doubt that you should delete, and you can find all of the information regarding adware removal in this article. Read more »



If you want to browse the web without being terrorized by irritating adware, TopPageFinder removal should be performed without any hesitation. You may be completely unaware about the existence of this highly suspicious and annoying advertisement-supported program because it can enter the operating system without your acknowledgement. As the researchers at indicate, adware can come through spam email attachments or various social engineering scams; however, usually adware is distributed with bundled software. If you have recently downloaded computer programs and now every time you launch a browser you are welcomed by a number of unreliable advertisements – remove these suspicious programs. Needless to say, you firstly need to figure out how to delete TopPageFinder. Read more » is a malicious advertising service which sends advertisements to your PC with the help of an adware program and a tracking cookie, which records information about your browsing behavior. It has been found that advertisements are displayed when Allyrics, a browser add-on, is installed on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, and if you do not remove the adware application, your browsing sessions will be hampered by various forms of advertising. Read more »


Lamilov is a browser plugin available from Currently the presented download link is broken and so it is impossible to acquire the extension. Nonetheless, you may have downloaded the program in the past or it may have been dropped onto the computer without your knowledge. researchers warn that adware usually comes packaged with other unreliable programs. Have you noticed them running on the PC already? Then remove them as soon as possible. Note that it is also important to delete Lamilov adware because it can impose certain virtual security risks. Do you want to become a target of virtual schemers? If you do not you should delete the clandestine infection immediately. Read more »

Price Finder

Price Finder

Price Finder is a browser plugin which has been created to assemble the best shopping deals when you visit such sites as or According to research team, the product is usually acquired from; however, it may be offered to you when downloading bundled software as well. Have you discovered that the application has been installed onto the computer without your consent? Then it may be corrupted by malicious third parties and so you need to delete it from the browsers as soon as possible. Overall, the extension is available for the most popular browsers, including Chrome, IE or Firefox, and if you are running these browsers you may have installed the application already. Do you enjoy the services or do you want to delete Price Finder from the computer? Continue reading the presented report to learn how to perform this operation. Read more »