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Ads by LyricsSay

Ads by LyricsSay

Ads by LyricsSay are the irritating pop-up advertisements which can flood your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. The suspicious application comes from the same family as such previously reported programs as Boby Lyrics and Lyrics Fan. The add-on is promoted as a tool which can help you find lyrics to the songs which are listening to on YouTube; however, we do not recommend trusting its services. As researchers at have revealed, the plugin may come bundled with a variety of disruptive applications which may activate all of the irritating pop-ups flooding the Internet browsers. Do you want to delete Ads by LyricsSay? Please continue reading to learn how. Read more »

SweetTunes Toolbar

If you are careless with the installation of SweetTunes Toolbar you may discover a bunch of highly undesirable programs dropped onto your personal Windows system. Whether the toolbar has entered your PC with the help of bundled software or you have installed it from, there is a great chance that the suspicious TuneUp Utilities 2014 and PasswordBox have been installed as well. As our researchers at have discovered, the Community Toolbar installation setup represents these programs as automatic additions to the toolbar. Even though they are set to install automatically, you have an option to reject them. Please continue reading to learn how to remove SweetTunes Toolbar and delete the programs which have come bundled with it. Read more »


WebCakeDesktop.exe is an executable file which you can discover on your computer if you are running Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The file belongs to WebCake, an infamous browser plugin which is meant to enhance your browsing experience. If you connect to the official page of the program you are introduced to the plugin as an application which will help you compare shopping results, search related topics, access web site ratings and view useful advertisements. Needless to say, the promotion is not something that you should pay all of your attention to. It is much more important to check the Privacy Policy and the License Agreement. You can find these at and we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with these documents. Right now please continue reading to learn how to remove WebCakeDesktop.exe. Read more »


Adware:Win32/SaveShare is a highly annoying adware program which can be installed without the user’s consent.  The unwanted application generates advertisement that are not related to the websites the user is browsing, which means that Adware:Win32/SaveShare is not affiliated with, for example, the search engines in which SaveShare advertisements are presented. It is highly advisable to remove Adware:Win32/SaveShare from the computer as soon as you notice that some unwanted links or advertisements are inserted into the search engine result page. The unwanted application can be downloaded from unreliable websites, so if you want to be sure that you use reliable applications, provide the PC with professional security and always read the terms of use to learn the features Read more » is an adware platform that is responsible for generating a mass of pop-up advertisements. It is very likely that has been installed on your computer without your permission, or you simply overlooked the fact that additional adware program has been installed, because such applications often come bundled with various other extensions and programs. This advertising service might seriously jeopardize your system security, so it is important to remove from your computer along with other potentially hazardous applications, in order to protect your computer and yourself from cyber criminal attacks. Read more »


Adware:Win32/EoRezo is a suspicious advertisement-supported application which is linked to the truly questionable The website promotes eoNet, eoClock, eoDudoku and eoWeather, and these programs are meant to be attached to your Windows desktop. If your operating system is safeguarded by authentic malware detection and removal software, you will not be allowed to install these applications onto the computer because security tools recognize them as malicious. If you choose to install these apps onto the computer, soon enough you will discover that various irritating advertisements are popping up and disturbing the running of your browsers. If you have noticed this already, we recommend that you delete Adware:Win32/EoRezo from the computer as soon as possible. Read more »


Adware:Win32/Vonteera is a computer application which is installed as a browser  helper object and which embeds various advertisements onto the websites which are not likely to contain third-party advertisements. Adware:Win32/Vonteera works on Internet Explorer, where you can find it as a browser add-on, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.  On the browsers, it is labeled as Vonteera Class, and it is advisable that you remove it from the browsers as soon as you can. The removal of Adware:Win32/Vonteera is not a complex procedure because the application can be installed using the Programs and Features section in Control Panel; however, the system still needs to be scanned after the removal of the adware program. Read more »


WajamUpdater.exe is an auto-update file which belongs to the infamous Wajam plugin. Are you familiar with this browser plugin? Available from the program acts as a social search engine, which accumulates information from the social networking sites that your friends are registered with. In order to discover this information your friends must utilize Wajam as well. All in all, the plugin is highly controversial and many Windows security experts state that this application is malicious. Some even indicate that the application breaches virtual security protocols and endangers the safety of its users. This is why many computer users wish to delete Wajam. Needless to say, this involves WajamUpdater.exe removal as well. Read more »


Adware:Win32/Kremiumad is an adware application that is similar to various coupon plugins that display discount offers and other various pop-up ads whenever you browse the Internet. Unlike dangerous computer threats that enter your system stealthily, Adware:Win32/Kremiumad is known to have an installation entry in the list of installed programs of the Control Panel. It allows you to uninstall Adware:Win32/Kremiumad at ease, although manual removal does not guarantee that you will get rid of this application through and through. To be absolutely sure, you should run a full system scan with a reliable computer security application, and then invest in antimalware tool that will protect your PC from harm. Read more »

Sponsorship virus

Sponsorship virus is an adware program which can take over the operating Windows system after you install bundled software or fall for social engineering scams. The program does not have a visible interface and it shows up as an advertisement in new tabs and windows whenever you browse the web. It does not matter what browser you use, whether it be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, because the only thing that matters to the developers of the adware is the security of your Windows system. If you have not installed any malware detection and removal software, any careless step when surfing the web could be used to infiltrate the dangerous program. So, do you have to remove Sponsorship virus? Is it dangerous? What would happen if you did not delete it from the PC? Continue reading to find answers to these questions. Read more »