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DictionaryBoss Toolbar

DictionaryBoss Toolbar

DictionaryBoss Toolbar is a browser plugin which is meant to help you access the best online dictionary services. The program is available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browser from the official website; however, you should be extremely careful if you choose to install this tool onto your personal computer. researchers have discovered that the application promotes Ask web search tools which are set to install automatically if you do not un-check the presented boxes indicating that you confirm home page and search provider modifications. If you are still in the installation stage, un-check these boxes because the search tools are unreliable. If you have accepted or simply did not notice the additional programs being offered, follow the guides below to delete Ask search applications. The information below will also help you remove DictionaryBoss Toolbar. Read more »

24×7 Help Virus

If you have discovered the 24×7 Help box show up on the desktop of your operating Windows system every time you turn on the computer, there is no doubt that you need to remove a highly suspicious application. Also known as the 24×7 Help Virus, the program acts as adware because it promotes third party malware detection/removal software and Windows optimization applications. Needless to say, all security tools should be installed from authentic, official, reliable sources rather than suspicious third-party software. According to researchers, you may attract more virtual security issues instead of ensuring reliable Windows protection by getting involved with the clandestine virus. Do you know how to delete 24×7 Help Virus from the PC? Do you know which removal strategies fit best? Continue reading if you need more information and help. Read more »

Super Back-up Ads

Super Back-up Ads is an adware program which should be deleted from the computer and all existing browsers as soon as possible. Even though at first this advertisement supported program may seem harmless, sooner or later you might discover that it has been created for highly suspicious and potentially dangerous activity. The first signal warning about the riskiness of the program is its questionable entrance to the computer. Schemers or unreliable third parties may infiltrate adware using bundled downloads, misleading advertisements and other security vulnerabilities. According to researchers, as soon as this happens your browsers, including the most popular ones – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, are likely to be flooded with various suspicious pop-up, in-text and box advertisements. You need to ignore these and delete Super Back-up Ads as soon as possible. Read more »

Zwinky Toolbar

Zwinky Toolbar

If you have installed Zwinky Toolbar onto your Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, it is likely that your home page has been changed to It has been discovered that this is just a secondary program offered to you during the installation of the toolbar. If you do not want to change the home page or switch the search provider, you have to be extremely careful after you click the download button displayed on and follow the installation setup. Here you will be introduced to two different sets determining the setting modifications for your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Please uncheck the represented boxes in order to keep home page/search provider settings unaltered. Unfortunately, as researchers have discovered, most Windows users rush through the installation process without paying attention to the provided information. Please continue reading to learn why this is dangerous. The article also explains how to remove Zwinky Toolbar and delete related search tools. Read more »

Please Install HD Player to Continue Virus

The term Please Install HD Player to Continue refers to a fake warning that you may encounter on infected websites. Some computer users have dubbed the warning as Please Install HD Player to Continue Virus; however, the very notification is not an infection. Your computer can be infected if you click the Update button, which is given in the lower right corner of the screen. Ignore the warning that recommends installing a HD Player, and scan the computer with a reliable spyware removal tool to make sure that the system has not been infected earlier. Read more »

RadioRage Toolbar

RadioRage Toolbar

If you do not want to put your virtual security at risk, you should not install RadioRage Toolbar. In case you have already activated this browser plugin on your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers, it would be best to remove it as soon as possible. The most important task for you is to delete all of the programs and browser plugins which are installed alongside the suspicious toolbar. As the researchers at have discovered, the third-party programs bundled together with the toolbar are not reliable and so could seriously disrupt your virtual experience. Do you want to learn about the risks related to these suspicious programs? Do you want to learn how to remove RadioRage Toolbar from browsers and the operating Windows system? Continue reading to find answers to all of these questions. Read more »


MagniPic is a browser add-on which is aimed at improving your experience on Facebook. The browser plug-in, which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, enable the users to enlarger a picture by simply hovering the cursor over it. However, MagniPic is already known to have caused some problems and some antivirus program flag it as adware, or even Trojan. Our team recommends that you remove MagniPic from the PC. Read more »


If your web browsing tasks are interrupted by various pop-up advertisements, there is a great chance that Tracksrv adware has been infiltrated onto your operating Windows system. This suspicious application can be dropped onto the computer without any of your knowledge, as schemers know plenty of security backdoors which could be employed for the task. Our malware and Windows security experts have discovered that cyber criminals can employ misleading advertising, spam email attachments, fake video codecs, bundled downloads, already existing PC infections and other tools to corrupt your computer. Of course, the main purpose of an adware program is to expose you to as many different online offers as possible, which is why most Windows users do not treat the threat as malicious. Nonetheless, we recommend that you delete Tracksrv as soon as possible, and you can learn more about the removal process in this article. Read more »

Xportsoft Toolbar

Xportsoft Toolbar is a browser plug-in that works on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. The application, like the majority of free browser add-ons, can be bundled with free programs and presented as an optional program. Moreover, it can be downloaded from, but its installer promotes some other applications, such as Nitro PDF Reader and PasswordBox. If you do not read the options provided and keep clicking the Accept button, not only will you install Xportsoft Toolbar, but you will also get a bunch of unwanted programs, which you may decide to remove shortly after installation. Read more »


WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe is a process file that belongs to an adware program. If you have this file running in your Task Manager, it is very likely that you experience constant pop-up advertisement spams whenever you open search engines or popular social networking websites. Computer adware applications cannot be considered computer viruses, but they also present particular security risks that should be dealt with immediately. Although at first the pop-up ads may look like an annoying nuisance, sooner or later they could become instrumental in malware attack, so you need to remove WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe from your computer without further ado, and make sure that there are no other potentially dangerous programs present. Read more »