What is BitMiner.DCE?

BitMiner.DCE, also known as Distributed Computing Experiment, is a computer application which works a service and uses the computer resources to mine bitcoins. The application installs itself without the user’s permission along with some other free programs.  It has been found that BitMiner.DCE is bundled with YouTube Accelerator, developed by Goobzo. It is also possible to acquire this application along with fake installers of such programs as Vuzu and Adobe Reador or with some other unreliable programs. If you have noticed that your computer is not as fast as usual or you already know what BitMiner.DCE is present on your PC, take immediate action to remove it from the computer.

How does BitMiner.DCE work?

Bitcoins are an online currency which works on particular websites and can be used to pay for a variety of services and goods. In order to mine the so-called Bitcoins, a particular program is necessary. In order to obtain Bitcoins, the computer is connected to a peer-to-peer network, which tracks and verifies all the transactions related to this electronic currency.  The Bitcoins are stored in digital wallets, which actually refer to a collection of cryptographic keys.

As for Bitcoin-mining malware, it works silently without the user’s knowledge. When your computer is connected to the network, also referred to as network, without your permission, it means that some cyber criminals are using your computer to earn electronic money.

Even though the programs such as BitMiner.DCE are not usually aimed at particular computer users, it is known that cyber attackers may choose computes with highly capable GPUs or video cards.

How to remove BitMiner.DCE?

If your computer is infected with BitMiner.DCE, not only should you remove it from the computer; you should also reconsider your computing habits. First, you should download programs only from reliable websites because Bitcoin-mining malware can be bundled with potentially unwanted programs or some malware programs. Moreover, you should avoid clicking links on social networking websites. A lot of links on Twitter are shortened and you cannot tell whether the link is legitimate or not.

It is also advisable to use are reliable spyware removal tool. As has been mentioned, BitMiner.DCE can slow down the computer. In order to prevent such issues you should make sure that the system is properly protected. In order to remove BitMiner.DCE from the computer, we recommend using SpyHunter. The sooner you eliminate the malicious program from the computer, the sooner you stop the mining process, which brings profit to remote attackers. Most important, your computer will be protected from various computer threats.

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