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Ici.resynccdn.net is a website that users complain about displaying various pop-ups whenever they browse the Internet. If you are constantly being redirected to Ici.resynccdn.net, it means you have been infected with a browser hijacker that changed your browser settings and as a result you are constantly seeing these annoying pop-ups. The website and the browser hijacker responsible for redirecting you to this site are not extremely dangerous computer threats, but you need to consider the fact that such browser hijackers seldom come alone. Therefore, when you remove Ici.resynccdn.net from your PC, make sure to scan it for other potentially dangerous programs. Read more »


The file eGdpSvc.exe is an unwanted file which is installed alongside Delta Search and MyWebSearch, which are regarded as browser hijackers. Sometime the file accompanies snap.do, which is another undesirable application which changes the settings of the browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The file eGdpSvc.exe is a product of eSafe Security Control, and it is installed as browser add-one or browser helper object on Internet Explorer. If you have found eGdpSvc.exe running as a process in your Task Manager, it is not enough to stop the process, you have to remove it along with the programs that have installed the unwanted file. Read more »

IB Updater Service

IB Updater Service is a PUP, or potentially unwanted program, which is closely linked to a number of suspicious browser plugins and applications. The program is also known as the IncrediBar Updater Service and so it is clear that it is related to such potential threats as Incredibar Toolbar or mystart.incredibar.com hijacker. Spyware researchers at Anti-Spyware-101.com have discovered that the suspicious update service is represented as ExtensionUpdaterService.exe, and the executable is usually downloaded together with the plugins you install. Even though the program is not easily noticeable, you are likely to detect it if you open the Task Manager and check the Process tab. If you remove IB Updater Service, it is possible that the plugins linked to it will stop running beneficially. Please continue reading to learn more. Read more »

Filmfanatic Toolbar

Filmfanatic Toolbar is a browser plugin which has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. Even though the application promises the best services, some computer users running the plugin on their Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers are unhappy. Have you downloaded the program from filmfanatic.com/index.jhtml? Then you have been promised that the add-on will help you search for movies, trailers and their reviews. It is also stated that the plugin will enable you to watch movies at home for free. Whether you are happy with the plugin or not, you should be much more careful with the third-party software which is offered to you upon the installation of the toolbar. Please continue reading the report to learn how to remove Filmfanatic Toolbar and programs related to it. Read more »

Optional SpeedDial

Optional SpeedDial is a browser add-on which is based on the Crossride platform. The application generates pop-up windows while the user is browsing the Internet, especially when searching for various products or services. Optional SpeedDial is installed as Accelerate Tab. If you pay attention to the details provided on the browsers, you will find that source of this application is websecuritykeeper.com.It has been found that the so-called Optional SpeedDial is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. We advise you to remove the application if you do not want to be monitored and provided with various pop-up contents. Read more »

Top 10 Toolbar

Top 10 Toolbar

Top 10 Toolbar is a browser plugin which is usually recognized as Midicair Toolbar. The application has been developed by Conduit Ltd., and the official source from which you can install the plugin onto your own Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers is midicair.greattoolbars.com. Have you already installed the program onto the computer? Are you still thinking about it? If you are we strongly recommend that you look for a more reliable and beneficial browser add-on. Even though the toolbar can provide you with easy-access links to such sources as Facebook, Skype or Twitter, it could also link you to Value Apps and PriceGong, both of which may flood your browsers with unreliable ads and virtual coupons. Do you know how to delete Top 10 Toolbar, if you have already installed it onto the computer? Please continue reading to find trustworthy removal tips. Read more »

BS Player Toolbar

BS Player Toolbar

BS Player Toolbar is a potentially unwanted program that could be responsible for a variety of issues on your computer. It is not a computer virus, but keeping in mind that it copies the name of a legitimate BS Player Toolbar, the extension most probably should not be trusted 100%. BS Player is a media player that is available for free although you can also purchase a Pro version. This player can play all types of media files and it also offers a toolbar, but the one BS Player Toolbar that is being described here is not an official one. Read more »

LemurLeap Virus

LemurLeap is a browser extension which allows computer users to find online deals and compare prices. It is also known as LemurLeap Virus. The application works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Like the vast majority of online price comparison applications, LemurLeap Virus is available at lemurleap.info and various freeware websites. As to the latter, the odds are you will get the application alongside some browser toolbar, video downloaded, converter, or any other applications. Once you launch the installer of the application, read the terms of use or privacy police in order to find out what extra applications are offered. If you are reading the review because you already want to remove LemurLeap Virus, jump the last section to learn how to do it in no time. Read more »


ZenDeals is one of those browser applications that display tons of coupons and discount offers whenever you access a particular online store. According to the information provided at the plugin’s official website, ZenDeals supports over a 10,000 all over the web, so when you have the plugin installed on your browser, each time you access a particular store, you will be offered to purchase a particular good at an optimal price. Or so it should be, but there is a chance that the plugin could also be exploited by a malicious third party, and that is the main reason why users are advised to remove ZenDeals. Read more »

CrossRider virus

CrossRider is a suspicious software developer which is responsible for a number of well-known and widely reported browser plugins. The developer works similarly to the infamous Conduit Ltd., which is why we rush to inform you that you should be cautious about the browser add-ons created through this platform. It is extremely important to stay cautious about the third-party software which may come bundled with these plugins. As you may recognize already, virtually anyone can register on Crossrider.com and become a ‘plugin developer’, which means that there is a window of opportunities for schemers to potentially enter your operating Windows system. This is quite scary, which is why we recommend that you are careful about the plugins from the company. Please continue reading the report to learn how to remove CrossRider virus. Read more »