Free Games 115 virus

What is Free Games 115 virus?

Free Games 115 is an application which claims to be developed in order to help computer users to access all the games in the world. These games are closely related to because after the installation, the link which leads to and which will enable you to access the game world more quickly is added to the toolbar of your browser as well as the desktop. As there is a possibility that this software might lead you to potential threats, you might want to remove Free Games 115 from your computer. We will help you do this in this article.

How does Free Games 115 act?

If you go to, you will see that all the games are distinguished into particular categories, for instance, action, adventure, and education games. Besides, various advertisements are displayed while you are browsing the website and playing the games. We do not recommend clicking on them because you might never know where you will end up. It is because uses third party vendors to cause advertisements to appear. As it claims in the Privacy Policy, it has no control over and no liability for any third party websites or material.

As specialists have revealed, Free Games 115 usually comes bundled with PC Performer, which claims that it will make your computer work faster and enhance the performance. In order to avoid similar application from getting onto computer in the future, you should carefully monitor the installation process of software downloaded from the internet. Every time you install a piece of software, you should select an advanced installation instead of the recommended one in order to be able to unmark all the necessary components.

How to remove Free Games 115?

You might want to remove Free Game 115 for other reason as well. It is the assumption that it might collect your browsing activities to show you advertisements. As it claims in the Privacy Policy, the third parties use cookies to serve ads based upon your prior use of the website. You can use manual removal instructions which we have provided for you below, but we definitely recommend using a reliable antimalware tool to scan your computer for other threats.

Removal of Free Games 115

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu and then select Control Panel.
  2. Go to Add or Remove Programs and find the unwanted application.
  3. Click on it and then click the Remove button.

Windows Vista and 7

  1. Click the Start button and open Control Panel.
  2. Select Uninstall a program and locate Free Games 115 in the list.
  3. Right-click on it and then click the Uninstall button.

Windows 8

  1. Right-click on the background of the Metro UI menu and select All apps.
  2. Open the Control Panel and click Uninstall a program.
  3. In order to delete the program, you need to right-click on it and then click the Uninstall button.

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