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YTDownloader virus

YTDownloader Virus is a dangerous computer application that may look useful at first. It can be classified as potentially unwanted program. It would seem that YTDownloader application helps users to save YouTube videos in mp3 and then carry them around wherever they would want to. Nevertheless, YTDownloader Virus comes a variety of side effects, such as, for example, pop-up advertisements, and it is one of the few things that make this applications suspicious and even dangerous. Thus, even though you may have downloaded and installed the application yourself, you are highly recommended to remove YTDownloader Virus from your PC as soon as you can. Read more »

VirtualDJ Toolbar

VirtualDJ Toolbar

VirtualDJ Toolbar is a browser add-on which you can install alongside the VirtualDJ software which is available at virtualdj.com. The toolbar has been found to be compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but in case you have another toolbar bearing a very similar name, the removal instructions for Google Chrome are presented below. On Internet Explorer, there are two entries of the application. A first one is presented as a toolbar, while a second one is given as a browser helper object (BHO). If you have installed the software from virtualdj.com, you must have noticed that the installation wizard promotes Virtual DJ Toolbar. Here are the options that you might have skipped while installing the application: Read more »

B1 Toolbar

B1 Toolbar is a browser add-on which can be installed onto the computer alongside bundled freeware. The toolbar is also referred to as BrotherSoft Toolbar or BrotherSoft Extreme2 B1 Toolbar and it is published by Conduit LLC. The application is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. When running the installer that contains B1 Toolbar, you must have noticed some check boxes enabling you to choose whether you want to have B1 Toolbar installed and the settings of the browsers changes. If you have skipped that part, it is very likely that now your home page and search provider are changed to search.conduit.com. We encourage you to remove B1 Toolbar as this is the only thing that you should do right now. Read more »


The clandestine AllInOneKeylogger is known by a number of alias names, including Spyware.AIOLogger, Sus/Dbot-A, Trojan.KeyLogger.origin and Application.AllInOneKeylogger.A. The suspicious program is categorized as a keylogger and you should keep your operating Windows system guarded against it at all times. According to Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, cyber criminals may corrupt the seemingly authentic tool in order to initiate various illicit tasks leading to private data theft. Therefore, even though the program is promoted at allinonekeylogger.org and appears to offer reliable services, you should not trust it. Paying 69.95 USD for a tool which may endanger you virtual security is completely unnecessary; however, if you have already done this – delete AllInOneKeylogger without further delay. Read more »

Driver Performer

Driver Performer

Driver Performer is a PUP or a potentially unwanted program which may be installed from its own official page driverperformer.com. The website promotes the application as a tool which can help you scan computer drives and list all of the existing problems. According to the website, the questionable program can discover performance issues, back-up existing drivers and update them at the same time. Even though these services are authentic and the application itself is not considered malicious, there are a few valid reasons to remove Driver Performer from the operating Windows system. Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers have tested the application and recommend that you delete it. Read more »

Swagbucks Toolbar

Swagbucks Toolbar

Swagbucks Toolbar is a browser add-on promoted by swagbuck.com which is the property of Prodege LLC. According to the website, the user has to register in order to earn Swag Bucks which can be exchanged to prizes such as gift cards, electronics and many more. The toolbar can be downloaded from the official website or alongside free applications. We recommend you remove Swagbucks Toolbar, especially if it has changed your home page and search provider as very often the search engine swagbucks.com does not find any relevant search results. Read more »

PUP.Desk 365

PUP.Desk 365 is an adware program classified as potential unwanted application. It is developed by 337 Technology Limited and this program is said to help you arrange your desktop icons and provide instant access to a number of applications you have installed on your computer. The malware scan results for PUP.Desk 365 files (desk365.exe and deskSvc.exe) do not identify the program as malware. Therefore, PUP.Desk 365 itself does not pose any security risks to your computer. Nevertheless, the problems come with other applications that arrive at your system together with PUP.Desk 365. Read more »


XingHaoUpdater.exe is a file that belongs to Lyrics Pal which is an application for song writers who want to edit and store their songs on the computer. The application is promoted by various websites and is free of charge. Very often it can be bundled with freeware; for example, on cnet.com, this application is bundled with Mixi.DJ Community toolbar and Value Apps.  It has three installation files and XingHaoUpdater.exe is the one that is responsible for the updates of the program. It can also be found in the Task Manager as a running process. Read more »


WebBrowserSearch.com or Web Browser Search is a search engine which allows the user to quickly access popular websites. There is no need to install a browser add-on or toolbar in order to facilitate browsing as links to such websites as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and some other are embedded on webbrowsersearch.com. The search engine is very user-friendly as the user can easily acquire some knowledge about the privacy issues and terms of use by. Those users who have some questions regarding the search provider can contact it developers by filling in a website feedback form. Read more »

Coupon Slider

Coupon Slider is a browser add-on which has been developed by Innovative Apps and published by 215 Apps. In the official page of this program (coupon-slider.com) it is presented as a tool which supposedly can help you save thousands of dollars a year. If you shop online often, you may be interested in acquiring a tool which could expose you to saving deals, online coupons and various beneficial offers. Unfortunately, this add-on cannot provide you with reliable services and we recommend that you remove Coupon Slider from the computer and your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. To learn how to do this – continue reading. Read more »