Facebook Token Hijacker

What is Facebook Token Hijacker?

Facebook Token Hijacker is a dangerous computer infection which attacks your PC through your Facebook account. If you see that your Facebook wall contains a post which has been posted using your own account and if you are sure that you have nothing to do with it, it is likely that Facebook Token Hijacker has gained control over your profile. The sooner you remove the threat, the better it is for the performance of your PC.

What does Facebook Token Hijacker do?

Facebook Token Hijacker displays an offer of a free pair of UGG boots which you can get if you register at a link provided in the post. Once you log in and post your access token, it means that you allow the malicious application to access your account and take control over it. Facebook Token Hijacker will upload wall post without you approval. If your friends are provided with fraudulent posts enabling remote attackers to access your PC, there is a possibility that your and your friends’ computers might be connected to a botnet.

You should also be aware of computer infections which may be downloaded onto the machine without your consent, which may cause high CPU usage and other malfunctions of the PC, not to mention the speed of the Internet.  Luckily, you can tackle the problems related to you privacy and the performance of the machine by deleting Facebook Token Hijacker from the PC.

How to remove Facebook Token Hijacker?

Facebook Token Hijacker runs in the background of the system so it may be difficult to identify and remove its components. Hence, Anti-Spyware-101.com team recommends using SpyHunter as this application will terminate the infection and protect the PC from the infection that may try to affect the PC in the near future.  Do not let Facebook Token Hijacker corrupt your computer or steal your valuable personal information – remove it from the system right now.


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