What is Trojan.Urausy.A?

Trojan.Urausy.A is a Trojan infection, also known as ransomware, which can do a lot of harm to your PC.  It is impossible not to notice this threat on a PC, as it accesses a computer, disables security programs and provides you with a full-screen image containing the credential of a law enforcement agency. Like the majority dangerous infections, Trojan.Urausy.A can be downloaded while visiting compromised websites. Once in the system, the threat changes the registry entries and drops malign files. Do not try to remove the infection manually, because you may unknowingly remove wrong files or miss the files which have to be removed.

What does Trojan.Urausy.A do?

Trojan.Urausy.A connects to a remote server in order to generate a screen image which will appear on the screen whenever you turn the PC on. The interface of the Trojan depends on your location, which means that the misleading warning contains the logos of your local authoritative institutions dealing with, for instance, authors’ rights, e-crimes, and so on. For example, in Australia you may receive a message with the headline AFP Australian Federal Police, while in the U.S. you may be forced to think that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has charged you with the use of copyrighted or pornographic content.

By now, a lot of computers around the world have been infected with Trojan.Urasy.A. To help users identify different variants of the virus, malware researchers name them according to the headings or law enforcement institutions presented in the message, some of them are given as follows: Latvijas Policija Virus, Polizia Di Stato Virus, Police Central e-crime Unit, and Interpol Virus.

How to remove Trojan.Urausy.A?

If your computer has been attacked by Trojan.Urausy.A, instead of trying to alter the Registry, use a reliable spyware removal tool. team suggests using SpyHunter which will perform the removal of the infection for you automatically. Follow our step-by-step instructions in order to install the software properly.

Remove Trojan.Urausy.A from Windows Vista and Windows 7

1. Restart the computer.
2. Start tapping the F8 key immediately after the BIOS screen disappears.
3. Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
4. Go to and download our spyware removal tool.
5. Run the executable file you have just downloaded and remove Trojan.Urausy.A.

Remove Trojan.Urausy.A from Windows XP

1. Restart the PC.
2. As soon as the BIOS screen disappears, start tapping F8.
3. Using the arrow keys, highlight Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
4. On a dialog box which pops up, select Yes.
5. Go to the Start menu.
6. Launch Run.
7. Type “msconfig”
8. Press OK.
9. Open the Startup tab.
10. Click on Disable All and then Apply.
11. Close the window and download SpyHunter.
12. Restart the computer.
13. Run the installer you have just downloaded and scan the PC for Trojan.Urausy.A.

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