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Have you noticed strange advertisements popping up when you are browsing the Internet? If it is so, you might have SuperLyrics adware existing on your computer. This malicious software claims that it is designed mainly for YouTube users in order to enhance their music experience. However, it is basically related to various annoying advertisements which appear as windows. itself is a component of SuperLyrics. Thus if you see this fake link written in the address box of an advertisement, it means that you should remove SuperLyrics and without further considerations. Read more »


LyricsPlug is a browser add-on which you should remove from the computer in order to stop annoying advertisements, which are generated on the YouTube website. The application searches for the lyrics of YouTube videos so that you can sing karaoke; however, the advertisements that are generated by the applications should also be taken into account. LyricsPlug is supported by various advertising services and does not control the content of the third-party websites. If you want to avoid adverse results, that is, data loss or computer infections, remove LyricsPlug from your browsers. Read more »



Contenko is a new search engine that claims to be a faster way to search whatever you are looking for. It can be either accessed through its homepage which is or it can be installed together with another piece of software. is compatible with such browsers which are used the most by computer users, for instance, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Even though it looks like a decent search engine, you should not use it. There are several reasons why we advise you to remove Contenko from your computer and never use it again. Firstly, it is categorized as a browser hijacker; secondly; it might change your homepage and default search engine to its own; third, it might lead you to potential infections; finally, it might violate your privacy. Read more »



LyricsKid is a browser add-on which can find your favorite songs’ lyrics on YouTube, but if you do not want to be flooded with various ads, LyricsKid should be removed from the system. The application is identical to OLyrics, which is installed as a browser helper object on Internet Explorer. LyricsKid works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, and can be downloaded from If you are certain that you have not installed the application, you must have installed some other piece of freeware. LyricsKid can be bundled with various free applications, so if you do not want to install extra programs by mistake, always pay attention to the terms of use of the program that you want to install. Read more »

Amazon Toolbar

Nowadays there are a lot of various extensions created to ease the shopping experience for those who are hunting discounts and do shopping a lot. Amazon Toolbar is not an exception. It is created by, Inc. and it is closely related to the online shopping website. Amazon Toolbar is a legal browser extension thus there is no need to remove it from your computer. As the publisher claims, this toolbar enables you to get access to Amazon no matter where you are on the web. It can be officially downloaded from; however, if you want to access it you must have Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox 3 installed into your computer. Read more »


Bestlyrics is a karaoke plugin for your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. The supposedly beneficial application is available from, and you need to handle the information presented on this sate with great caution. Even though it is stated that the plugin can provide you with lyrics while watching music videos on YouTube, researchers have discovered that the plugin definitely does not work with all music videos or all lyrics. If you do not want to a plugin which may or may not work, we recommend having Bestlyrics removed. Needless to say, our researchers have revealed a few more reasons why you should get rid of the program from your browsers. If you continue reading the report you will learn all about them. Read more »

Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013

Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 is a fraudulent computer program which looks like an anti-virus software, and which has to be removed immediately. The only reason why cyber criminals have created the bogus program is to get your money, which you should never give up to the crooks in the background of the rogue. The rogue infects the operating system, modifies the Registry in order to disable built-in security applications and commence malicious processes. Most importantly, Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 presents a fake scanner and keeps displaying fanciful messages, whose contents have to be ignored. If the user follows any instruction or command given by the malicious application, his/her personal information could be easily stolen. Read more »


If you have discovered Outobox running on your personal computer then you must have discovered all of the suspicious pop-up deals flooding your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers as well. As the official promotion indicates (, the application enables certain tools to discover information which later on could be used to present you with sponsored search results, online deals and price comparison services. These may appear beneficial to those Windows users who are interested in spending their money online in a smart manner. Despite this, Outobox removal is strongly recommended to all Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8 users. If you do not perform this task soon enough your browsers could be flooded with advertisements produced by third parties, and there is no secret that trusting unfamiliar parties could be quite dangerous. Read more »


There is no doubt that priam_bho.dll is a browser helper object which belongs to the suspicious Wajam. It has been discovered that the file may exist in different sizes, from 260,104 to 297,056 bytes; however, it is usually located under %PROGRAMFILES%. For example, if you are running Internet Explorer on your operating system and it gets affected by the suspicious program, it is likely that you will discover the dynamic link library file existing under %PROGRAMFILES%\Wajam\IE\priam_bho.dll. In many cases Wajam is considered to be a PUP, or potentially unwanted program, which is why priam_bho.dll removal may be something you wish to perform. Overall, it is clear that besides presenting authentic services the tool may also lead to certain risks. Please continue reading to learn more about this. Read more »


Adware.OneStep is an advertisement supported program which has been developed to spy on you and ultimately flood you with online advertisements. BrowserModifier:Win32/OneStepSearch is another name for the infection, and it has been discovered that several different versions of it could be faced. According to researchers it is an absolute must to have Adware.OneStep removed from the PC because the infection can corrupt your browsers, modify settings and flood you with highly irritating, potentially misleading adverts. Do you know how to prevent such activity? Do you know how to delete the threat and ensure full-time Windows protection? Continue reading the report to learn answers to these important questions. Read more »