Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013

What is Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013?

Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 is a fraudulent computer program which looks like an anti-virus software, and which has to be removed immediately. The only reason why cyber criminals have created the bogus program is to get your money, which you should never give up to the crooks in the background of the rogue. The rogue infects the operating system, modifies the Registry in order to disable built-in security applications and commence malicious processes. Most importantly, Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 presents a fake scanner and keeps displaying fanciful messages, whose contents have to be ignored. If the user follows any instruction or command given by the malicious application, his/her personal information could be easily stolen.

What exactly Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 does

Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 attempts to make the computer user buy the full non-functional program, which is acquired after filling out a purchase form where personal banking details are entered. In order to convince the potential buyer that the money has to be paid as soon as possible, the rogue mimics functions typical of legitimate anti-spyware tools. For example, the user is flooded with pop-up warning saying that the computer is at risk. Moreover, various nonexistent infections are supposedly detected in the system. For instance, the user may find such infections as Trojan-Drooper:OSX/Revir.B and Backdoor:W32/Zxshell.A. Trojan-Drooper:OSX/Revir.B is an actual backdoor Trojan, which enables remote attackers to control the infected computer; however, in the case of Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013, the infection is presented to scare the user into thinking that some immediate actions have to be taken due to the presence of the dangerous infection.

Other symptoms

If the system is infected with Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013, the computer performance can noticeably decrease. This occurs due to the malicious processes that are started as soon as the rogue is installed. In addition, the Internet connection may also be slower than usual, which will cause a lot of inconvenience; as a result, you should remove the infection from the system to restore all the settings that are changed by the rogue.

How to remove Microsoft Essential Pro 2013

Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 should be removed with a legitimate spyware removal application, because any piece of fake software will pose new problems, because it will be necessary to remove both Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 and the program that was installed to delete the infection. You can find a reliable anti-spyware tool HERE, which will delete the rogue for you automatically and secure the PC against future infections. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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