Monthly Archives: November 2013 - Page 3 appears to be a search engine supported by Delta search. Even though you cannot access the allegedly reliable search engine yourself at the moment, you may discover that it has replaced your trusted search tools. Since any unauthorized changes to your Home Page and default search provider should be treated as illegal, some may threat this search tool as a malicious browser hijacker. Needless to say, the attacks of truly malicious browser hijackers are rare and in most cases computer users enable browser modifications themselves without even realizing it. Regardless, if you wish to remove from the operating system and your browsers it is exactly what you should do without wasting any more time. Read more »


PlurPush is assigned to the category of adware because it displays various annoying advertisements and pop-ups while browsing the Internet. This is the main reason why we advise you to remove PlurPush. This add-on is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and RockMelt. PlurPush is advertised as a tool which can customize and enhance your interaction with various websites. However, you should not trust it because it is mainly developed for commercial purposes and might even violate your privacy. Read more »


HappyLyrics claims to be a very useful tool which will enhance your use of Youtube by displaying song lyrics alongside the music video. However, you should not trust it because it is classified as adware whose main purpose is to gain commercial benefit and show you annoying advertisements, which is one of the reasons why we advice you to remove HappyLyrics from your computer. It works with such popular browsers as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.This adware is assigned to the same group as LyricsKid, LyricStar, and Lyrics Monkey. They work using the same principle; thus you should avoid all of them. Read more »


Are you thinking about installing Plus-HD onto your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers? In this case it is good that you are researching this application as researchers do not recommend installing this browser plugin. Without a doubt, if you pay attention to the promotion found on, the presented application may appear as an authentic, beneficial tool which supposedly can display higher quality YouTube videos. Regardless of the promotion and the fact that the tool is available in English, Portuguese and Dutch, we strongly recommend that you remove it from the browsers without further delay. Want to learn more about Plus-HD removal? Then continue reading. Read more »

Scorpion Saver

Scorpion Saver is an adware program. It means that it functions as a browser add-on that displays a lot of various coupon deals and discount offers. However, due to the fact that it is an adware application, it may display a number of advertisements with third party content. Exposure to third party content is considered risky by computer security experts, and therefore, even if you have installed this application on your own, you are strongly recommended to remove Scorpion Saver from your system, lest you should get infected with malware. Also, scan your PC for other potentially unwanted applications. Read more »

Bundled Software Uninstaller

Bundled Software Uninstaller is an application which has been developed by the Somoto Ltd. researchers categorize it as a potentially unwanted program, or simply a PUP, because it may enter your system bundled together with other applications. Some of the programs developed by the same company include SpeedUpMyComputer, FLV Player and DealBuldog. Even though security specialist do not recommend installing any of these applications computer users still do. In case you have acquired these or similar programs as well, there is a great possibility that the questionable uninstaller is running on the PC as well. Do you want to delete Bundled Software Uninstaller but you do not know what removal steps you should perform? Continue reading the report to learn how. Read more »

Glindorus ads

Glindorus ads may appear as virtual coupons, online surveys or regular pop-up advertisements. In case you have discovered them appear on your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers, you must have installed the suspicious browser extension. This application is promoted through the official download page where it is indicated that the add-on can enhance your virtual experiences. Despite the promotion, if you click the download button – nothing happens. As researchers have revealed, the download link is broken; however, this does not mean that the plugin cannot access your personal Windows system. It is quite possible that the plugin will be offered alongside other downloaded applications. Has the program been installed onto your browsers without your own consent? Then you should delete Glindorus ads without further delay. Read more »

VBS:FlufferMiner-D [Trj]

VBS:FlufferMiner-D [Trj] may seem like an extremely scary infection; however, you should not be alarmed if your antivirus scanner has detected it running on your personal computer. As research has revealed, the scary name of an infection belongs to a false positive which basically means that your malware scanner has detected a malicious file which actually was not malicious at all. According to experts, this false positive belonged to the Avast antivirus until just several days ago when the so-called bug was fixed and the threat has disappeared from scan reports. Unfortunately, some computer users still report the issue. What should you do to remove VBS:FlufferMiner-D [Trj]? Read more »

LyricsPal pop-up

LyricsPal pop-up

LyricsPal pop-up is an irritating advertisement which may have different forms and which may keep disturbing your browsing session until you delete related software. It has been discovered that you may be exposed to the irritating pop-up advertisements after installing a browser extension from This website promotes a plugin which allegedly can help YouTube meet Karaoke. Even though it is stated that the application can enhance music listening experience by automatically providing you with lyrics, it is best to stay cautious about it. Even though the extension itself is not considered to be highly malicious it has been discovered that elements related to adware could travel bundled with it. As you may guess this might be the cause of the undesirable pop-up attacks. In order to prevent such annoying activity it is best to have LyricsPal deleted from the system. Read more »



LyricsBuddy is a free browser add-on which works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla. It searchers for the lyrics of the videos on YouTube and displays a Show Lyrics button if the words are found. The application works in the same way as LyriXeeker and LyricStart, and can be acquired through bundle downloads. Hence, you should always read the information provided by the installation wizards in order to learn what additional programs may be installed. If you do not like the terms of use because the program will affect the performance of your browsers or the like, select custom installation. We recommend that you remove LyricsBuddy from the browsers because this seemingly harmless program can flood you with various advertisements, so keep on reading to find out what you should do next. Read more »