Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus

What is Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus?

Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus is a ransomware infection detected running on operating Windows systems in the Netherlands. The application belongs to a large faction of ransomware programs, also known as Ukash viruses. Some of the recent infections from the same group are Polska Policja Virus, Poliisi virus, Guardia Di Finanza virus and Strathclyde Police Virus. All of these infections are targeted at different countries and Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus removal will be an issue to Dutch Windows users only. Nonetheless, if your PC is infected with a virus similar to this one, you can either continue reading or browse Anti-Spyware-101.com malware archive for more information.

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How does Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus work?

It has been discovered that the malicious ransomware virus can be infiltrated onto the PC by Trojan infections active within your operating system. The clandestine programs can install the virus without any of your knowledge after which Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus reconfigures the Registry and locks down your computer. Additionally to the lock-down you are presented with a screen size notification that lists bogus cyber crimes:

De gebruiker van dit IP-adres, gebruikt zijn computer voor het weergeven of downloaden van pornografische video bestanden met kinderpornografie, bestialiteit en geweld tegen kinderen of heeft ontvangen toegang tot de websites met pornografie, kinderpornografie, geweld tegen kinderen en bestialiteit.

The same accusations have been utilized by a number of ransomware infections misleadingly using authentic Police credentials and employing Ukash system to collect bogus fines. You will be ordered to transfer a sum of 100 Euro, which is considerably low for the crimes you are accused of. Nonetheless, paying this bogus fine is not something you should do, because this cannot guarantee that your PC would be unlocked. Remember you are dealing with cyber criminals! Moreover, you should not believe that if you did not pay the fine within 24 hours your PC would get confiscated. This is just another trick for crooks to rush you into “doing” before “thinking”.

How to remove Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus?

Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus removal is not an easy task; however, you have no other way out of this situation. If you want to get the control of your PC back into your own hands, you need to install automatic removal software to delete the virus. This task needs to be executed right away, and if you follow the instructions below – spyware will be removed and the PC will be protected for good.

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  1. Restart the PC.
  2. Wait for the BIOS to load and start tapping F8 for the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  3. Once the menu appears on your screen, select Safe Mode with Networking using arrow keys on the keyboard.
  4. Hit Enter on the keyboard to load the PC.
  5. Launch a browser and go to http://www.anti-spyware-101.com/download-sph .
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install SpyHunter.
  7. Run a system scanner to have the virus detected and removed.

Windows XP:

  1. Apply steps 1-3 from the Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus removal instructions composed for Windows Vista/7 users.
  2. Click Yes when “Windows is running in safe mode” alert pops up.
  3. Navigate to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on Start.
  4. Launch RUN and type “msconfig”.
  5. Click OK or simply tap Enter on the keyboard to access System Configuration Utility.
  6. Click on the Startup tab.
  7. Uncheck all items or click Disable All.
  8. Click OK or Apply.
  9. Download the automatic threat removal tool SpyHunter.
  10. Restart the computer.
  11. Install the reliable application.

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